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Cant change base class of my cleric


So i have a Cleric character that i cant reset on kupole. Some people saying thats because i have Plague Doctor on my build, pd is bugged etc, and i think its true, since i was able to change my other characters without any problem.
The thing is, reset build event is gone, so i dont have any points left and i dont want do grind/pay tp for 1k, just to change my build and work around this bug from the game… ¬¬

This guy is having the exact same problem, but i think he isnt even PD, look:

can someone help me and prolly other players facing this same issue?


Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Mathz

Character Name: FoxFire

Bug Description :

Char class reset bug


no responses? like, srsly? lol


You need to use all your class recovery cards first, change into any build you want (pd, monk & krivis for example), use your last exp recovery card afterwards to get all your exp back and then unequip everything and use the npc to reset your base class.

It should work then.


PD is currently bugged so better not have it on build if planing to change tree


dude i appreciated your comment but i already did it. when you forgot to use cards, the game tell you that u cant reset unless u use it.
this is 100% a bug, trust me.


yeah pretty much… now im screwed, since devs dont care. seems like they forcing me to buy rank reset with tp, thats all i can imagine atm.
i tagged @STAFF_Yuri and others gms on that other thread about this bug, asking for help and saying that i wont buying any tp to fix a bug, and my comment was deleted. so…
they’re here, just dont wanna help me i guess.


Do you have weapons equiped in the second slot?


Tem o slot 1 de armas, e o slot 2.
Se por ventura, algum item estiver lockado no swap de itens, não vai rolar a mudança.


you are still on free resets week, just go to advancement tab (bottom right) and swap the class that might be giving you trouble…

also, if you have no interest in the class might as well try using all your skill points


nope dude i already used all sorts of resets that i had. reset class week is gone, only "CLASS reset (cleric > archer, wiz > sword etc) still up, thats where im having trouble!
i dont have those “reset points” idk how its called, left, i need to grind’em or buy it from tp shop, so i can change pd into something else and be able to reset my cleric > wiz. Thats the problem, i wont spending any money on it, to fix a BUG from imc. and i dont wanna play this just for the grind, that would cost me days to reach…

my problem is simple: gm give me a 1k reset, i change pd to something and done. but where they are? waiting me for buy tp FOR SURE, i bet… ¬¬


Cara, qd tem coisa equipada a mais no char, o jogo avisa. Tô querendo ser grosso nem nada, mas né… é bug, claramente, tem gente aqui no forum reclamando que isso ta acontecendo com quem tem PD na build. A parada é que a g ente ja reportou, eu marquei os gms na outra thread e os caras leram meu comentário e apagaram… parece que eles tão me forçando a comprar o 1k reset por tp, ou me fazendo grindar os pontos pra tirar o pd da build. Troço tão simples, mesmo que eles nao consigam/saibam consertar, é so me darem a p*rra do 1k class voucher que eu mesmo tiro o pd e resolvo meu problema. lol

má vontade é o que impera, parece que o universo ta conspirando pra eu não voltar a jogar esse jogo MESMO…


Hm, eu disse pra tirar as armas dos slots 2, pq isso aconteceu comigo pra resetar classe. Ela não aponta que está equipada. Enfim… boa sorte com o caso. o/


Go to Advance Class tab and take an image of it…


It’s simple to understand. He has less than 1K points to reset PD, and the free reset event is gone.

I’m actually waiting for WK to say it’s his fault.


But if he never used them they should be there, I mean I have points max on all my characters and I used them a lot during the event…

which is true looking at event time and stuff I was wrong in thinking the event was still up cause my points are max…

I know I like many others are getting sick of saying this, but… I hope next patch unfucks all the things :pensive:


u’re wrong.
Yes, i dont have 1k points to reset, but i want to RESET MY CLASS.
i’ll repeat, so u can understand: I WANNA RESET MY CLERIC INTO ANOTHER BASE CLASS. ¬¬

how could i know that i have to keep 1k points to remove the bugged plague doctor from my build, before reset class?
it would be “simple to understand” if i have a crystal ball, or a time machine idk.
btw, theres a freaking video showing the bug, are u blind?


is this a joke or something? like, srsly?


no is not, just like when you are told to turn it off and on or to check if it’s plugged in…

it is to help you will all possibilities that can be skipped out of false pretense or confidence…

So, just do it and that way I can see your classes, points and other stuff that can help me give you a better solution than “let me pull a probable solution from my possible solutions hat”


Who are you talking to ? I never said you didn’t want to reset your class, nor I said you had to know it.

WK means White Knight if you don’t know what it is.

Yes, “if”.


I’m having the exactly same problem. I don’t have enough points so I can’t swap PD for something else in order to change my base class.

Apparently this bug has been going on for some time now, well, I didn’t know since I came back this week, just to be greeted by a bug that will hinder my character useless with an experimental build.

Am I disappointed? Absolutely, I’ll probably stop playing again. Am I surprised? Unfortunately not.