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Can't auto match on Skiaclipse Legend

I can’t auto match Skiaclipse Legend, is this normal or bug?
For new player who don’t have fix party it really hard to find the party to run the dungeon.
And solo version seems harder without healer.

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You can’t use auto match for legend raids.

The solo version is tuned to deal less damage to you and has lower HP. If you are dying, try to work on your equipment before trying again.

he have some other videos explaining what to do in there for mid tier gear. gl

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Ok thank you, no problem i beat it legend solo version got feather, it is actually very easy like piece of cake.

Still those who don’t have fixed party will have problem doing the legend party as the weekly count is different from casual to party one. How newbie to even learn it, if most people have their own party or only want experienced member with no auto match?

Casual only have 3 entries count, party 5 entries a week.

Just my thought.

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Is this some kinda sjw thingy?

Go shout, teach, carry them or making content like the video to guide them. There’s also dedicated guild that welcome newbie and teach game stuff.

No it’s for me, but true can be for other who experience same with me too.
I’m not SJW.
It’s been hard looking for skia legend party, when i got it I got kicked 1 time, denied 1 time because I said I’m still learning. So I hope you understand.

Thanks for the video it helped me learn.

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Then you should understand that legend raid is not suitable for auto match cos you might not get the right role. It’s sorta of ‘end game’ content, not just 5 random people match up and clear the raid.

Seek help from your guild. Move to bigger or guild that wanted to help other. Or if you not a guild person, then why even bother playing a 5-man content.

you can make your own party and shout by yourself, unlike solo mode, party mode is way harder and require teamwork (…sort of…) and for that method to work you need patient, good party members wont come in minutes