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Can't attack in Tenet Church


Hi! I don’t know why but i can’t attack Pawnd and Pawndel in tenet church, while all the others mobs aren’t a problem. Where’s the problem?



can you post an image?_?

there is a quest were you make them follow you, so it is possible you are attacking the Paw… of another player



I know that quest but i can’t attack every single ones. It’s impossible there are all players…



Something similar happened to me the other day too. I could attack them pressing Z on the keyboard or using skills, but clicking on them while on mouse mode didn’t start autoattacking.



Mouse mode bug, no love for mouse players :tired:

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Here i’m trying to attack this pawndel and nothing…

I tried now and with Z works… WTF?!

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I just binded Z to one of my mouse buttons

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Okay, i’ll use keyboard mode from now on. Thank you to everyone. :satisfaction:

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hmm look at the image I see no reason why your attack/skill wouldn’t work…

other than another broken function…

as a fellow BM I will test this too, I use keyboard mode cause I never got use to mouse…

but I will test all and see what happens :wink:

EDIT: after investigating it, I have come to the realization that only the mouse trigger is “broken”

and that the quest on the area does have something to do with it…

you see, on mouse mode the left click is used to interact with npcs and during the quest this enemies are treated as npc…

I know what you are saying, but DrRM we aren’t on quest… but game is treating them as such outside of the quest, that’s why nothing happens…

on keyboard mode we use space and space is not used for as many things as mouse mode and you will never notice a problem…

but in mouse been used for many things one function overrides the other and prevents you from attacking



Any map that have quest to interact with monsters, you cant click to attack them.This bug has been going on for months.

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