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Can't access my old forum ID, please help

A few years back, I was able to log in to the forum using an ID associated with my steam account, which was tied to my email account.

When I log in now, although my steam account shows up as tied to my facebook account, when i proceed to log into the forum my ID is a new one and not the same one that I used in the past.

I would like to have access to my old forum account for privacy concerns.

I’ve created and sent a ticket regarding this issue and was told to contact Staff_william and staff_jin, as the ticket support people are unable to help me if it’s not game related, and so I did send a message directly on the forum to them 28 days ago, but have yet to receive a reply.

Please help.

anyone? please help…


@Staff_Jin @STAFF_Yuri @GM_Francis
nameless, you can provide your team name and which server did you play too