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Cannot use basic attack on some monsters

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Any Character
Bug Description :
Anytime I try to basic attack a Pawndel, or any monster with an interact quest tied to them, in mouse mode, I am unable to basic attack them. When I hover over the monster with my mouse pointer the Interact icon shows up and I am unable to basic attack.
It doesn’t matter if I have the quest or not, I am unable to basic attack Pawndels if I’m in mouse mode.

-Things I’ve tried to resolve the issue -
1.Uninstall / Reinstall - Does not work
2.Search forums for resolutions - None to be found, no resolution, no response from GM about a way to fix it.
3. Switched from mouse mode to keyboard mode or controller - Works, the bugg is only in mouse mode.
4. Logout and log back in - Does not work.
5. Finishing the quest - Does not work.
6. Not accepting the quest - Does not work.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Try to auto attack a monster with a interact quest tied to it, in mouse mode. Example: Pawndel

Game Control Mode (Mouse) : Mouse mode only.

Hi @gotex22,

Kindly send a ticket to customer support regarding this for further assistance.


Known bug. You have to use “z” to trigger the basic attack against them or simply use a skill.