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Cannot see chat other than normal and cant match in game

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Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Backbone

Character Name: Gladio

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It seems that i cant establish a connection with port 9001 which is the chat port iirc

Unfortunately this error exists for months … I switched my internet provider and exceptionally A WEEK AGO the error came back … I have others friends with the same problem. No chat works, list of friends, automatch … I’ll ask my friends to send tickets to see if they can fix this problem … I thought it was a unique case of the SILUTE server.

Is it work well now ? pls share solution .

i used to play with vpn because my region blocked
since my region unblocked i never play with vpn anymore
but ever since i stop using it, i keep getting error code 21

i figure out, this problem exist for years

i sent ticket already but they will just blame that you have poor/unstable connection
they will also blame that you dont play at region where you should be, say PH should play in SEA server not NA
although even in the recommended server there are tons players with this problem
I play another mmo, even one that having server in NA or RU, and its perfectly smooth and i dont even get any RTO or lost packages etc at all

the thing is i fixed this problem myself by keep relogging until i can pt chat/shout
sometimes even exit game/refresh connection
when i got lucky it took me 1 time relogging and when it sucks it could take a while
when this connection bs appeared i even tested playing FPS game in its NA server which supposed to require higher respond time and i got almost full bar connection.

play with vpn will highly fix this(when i urgently need chat/pt stuff i use this solution)
but then how can they blame my connection when relogging simply fix the problem?
that means my connection just fine, even without vpn just to be able to chat/pt stuff
i even tested not logging out days just to check am i gonna get exiled again or not, and im fine, my connection just fine,i can use chat/pt stuff for days
after those days because of curiousity i tried to keep relogging and at some point i got exiled again lol

their only new stuff about this so far is adding that new annoying cant connect to chat server message which isnt even a solution but spam
they havent even fix the RTT info which actually quite new problem
they likely wont look into this matter thoroughly until perhaps lots of KR community having this issue while playing krtos which seems like never gonna happen.
or perhaps this connection issue workaround is down below their prioritization list to fix.

i just want to play the game in peace, is this fixed yet or any fix about this?

they really dont give a s**t about this matters seriously.instead they add spam region is unblocked too and i still use vpn just to be able to pt shout chat/match

Same here, but current vpn im using too laggy to do the rest… looking for new one that stable and hopefully free / unlimited

What vpn are you using if i may know?

wtfast.its not free but its very good.

if the chat server update finally fix this you guys are awesome dev
it might take some time for you but its still acceptable for me
i highly hope its fixed!! it better be!!

seems still the same lul, at least for me

yeah. what a false hope.