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Cannot login / patcher not working

Hello, I bought the founders edition when it came out and played for a while and quit. Decided to play again a few years later but the patcher keeps failing to download some parts.

I did the instructions in this video,, and that fixed the patcher but when I get into game and press the enter button nothing happens. I’ve tried uninstalling / reinstalling multiple times. Is there something wrong with my account?


The game is currently under maintenance. Please wait until maintenance is over to access the game.

Thanks but can you please look into it more? I’ve been trying to login for the past week so I doubt it is from maintenance.

First, could you go into Steam\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior and delete EVERYTHING inside.
Second, start the game from steam again for a clean installation.
Third, if you get any error, take a screenshot of the bug you get and post here.

Please note that when you uninstall the game via steam, some files may remain and they may cause bug. It would be better to delete the TOS folder manually. The game should be able to start after a fresh re-installation.

check if ur antivirus is anoying something in my case bitdefender make my game very unstable

Thanks but am not using any antivirus or firewall. I did this fix before,, and that lets the patch complete but when I get in game and press enter on the server it doesn’t do anything. I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled completely multiple times. I guess I just have to give up.

That’s not a fix, you should absolutely not be doing that or changing that file in any way–even if you fix it now you’d have to fix it every time the game patches.

It’s more likely that you need someone’s user.xml file. Try finding it in the threads here, it’s a long-standing issue.

Only other thing I can try is make sure Steam is updated and make sure your folders aren’t set to read-only or you’re lacking some other kind of weird admin permissions.

In the steam settings right click the game in your library and hit properties. There is a button in there you can click to check file integrity. I pushed that and steam downloaded the rest of the files bypassing the patcher. It lets me login now.