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Cannot Link Steam ID for Support

I’m at a loss at the moment as to why this doesn’t work. Can you assist?

I’m at a catch-22 if I get to an issue that would require me to submit a ticket :confused:.

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@staff please please? :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

same problem, they don’t let me log with my old forum account


Same, so I spam in forums hahaha , too lazy to make another account …

You problem get solved?

I need to Send a Ticked but i cant without Linking my Steam Account, anyone have any info on that?

EDIT: SOLVED, To anyone that have the misfortune to encounter that problem, turned out to be that IMC website wont accept strage chaacters on the Steam Name, so change it to standart characters before trying to link Steam and you can skip the Steam Link pressin “ESC” on the page request to Link…