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Can we rework the Drop System under 270?

Most items in this game are bypassed by your Leveling instances.
Literally. Its pretty anti-game style.

Many of your gears lv10-270 should be easily obtainable now without grinding to fill up the collections system.

If the monster is from lv1 - 70, 71-120, 121-170, 171-220, 221-270, 271-315, 316-350, 351+etc…
Rework the drop chances
9/10 chance
3/4 chance
1/2 chance
1/4 chance
1/8 chance
1/16 chance
1/32 chance
1/64 chance
1/75 chance
1/100 chance
1/128 chance
1/256 chance

Gems from monsters should have way lower drop rates.
1/512 chance gems, not 1/5000.

That means monster gems now can be:
+1 skill levels 1/512
+2 skill levels 1/1024
+3 skill levels 1/2048
+4 skill levels1/4096

World Bosses Can drop for participation in the kill 100% of time.
+5 skill 1/10 Gems fragments; got to collect 10 of the same +5 skill gem monster fragment.
Most of the time they will be posted on market too as fragments.
They are already Random Monster Fragments by Chance.

This makes players want to come to kill Word bosses not only for the Cards, but the chance to earn a “Skill Gem of +5 skills of any monster gem in game.”

Don’t make it a 10 Gem Fragments get a Cube, cause that is too easy.

Let’s have some trade effort to get flow of Silver into the markets at least.
Its not about lag, its about creating a audience to have fun and work together, and fight together.
This system would promote MORE SKILL builds as well which Tree of Savior wants.
Diversify not just a META.

This would remake your old system easily.

More recipes should be changed into a CUBE at all levels 40, 75, 120, 170, 220, 270
Make CUBES that drop random purple and orange recipe
40 orange recipe cubes
40 purple recipe cubes
75 orange recipe cubes
75 purple recipe cubes
120 orange recipe cubes
120 purple recipe cubes
170 orange recipe cubes
170 purple recipe cubes
220 orange recipe cubes
220 purple recipe cubes
270 orange recipe cubes
270 purple recipe cubes

Can we get access to some more type of these boxes? Literally in the story line?

As for Appraiser: The class is a Jewelist as well.
Allow them to have a “Un-droppable Monster Gem Box”

If they use “Forgery” It also has a list of All Accessories & Monster Gems they are Carrying to Buff their Party. ( While Hunting ) this allows them to be Jewelry Collectors and Upgraders to better their classes.

If a Appraiser: wants to AFK and Indentify and has Monster Gems, “The Customers” can rent the GEM buff… for a SILVER FEE. This allows them to be treated as Jewelers or Goldsmiths.

We have “Appraisals” how about we have as well… “Gem Appraisal Buff Loans”?

Hello Viz_JaqTaar!

We will take this as a feedback from you and forward to the proper department for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future.

Thank you for playing Tree of Savior!


Also is there a bug on the miko job quest: I finished it on my Pied Piper but its not showing me the Miko on my Cleric on my family?

The unlock quests are individual, the character which completes them can advance into that class as long as it’s on the proper class tree.

I strongly agree with the world boss thing, its POINTLESS to participate unless u are licking some asses to a high ranked guild full of cashing whales
Ofc in order to get the participation prize u should at least deal some minimum % damage to the boss

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Didn’t see this thread earlier, but I have something else to add: I’m currently clearing some level 250-270 quests with one of my alts, some of which require to kill a boss… and to my dismay, these level 270 or so bosses still drop… level 75 basic items. I’m assuming this is a bug and happens because all higher level common drops have been removed and replaced by those random magic/rare/unique items, so the drop routine doesn’t find a common item matching the boss’ level and simply donwgrades the drop until it finds something suitable. This should be fixed by, at least, allowing level 120+ normal bosses to drop a random magic item.

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