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Can we please extract luci stats from bound accessories

Can we please extract luci stats from bound accessories.
It’s such a costly 15m to make another set, and on top of that transcending them and ANVILS!


EDIT: And make bound equipment be bound to TEAM, NOT PER CHARACTER. UGH.

What we need first is an “upgrade” feature so that you can directly upgrade crafted Karaliene to Luciferie from the Goddess storage. It’s absurd to discard your Karaliene set (since the original set is char bound, it becomes totally useless) and craft a Luciferie when you could simply upgrade them like armor/weapons (make the upgrade cost 5 mil silver and nothing changed).

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Oh god YES!
I don’t understand why they decide to exclude kara.

But really, this Bound to EACH character is just bullcrap.
Bound to team i can understand.
But bound to EACH CHAR?

Cmon IMC!

more than a extraction. I need the chance to swap into triukas/pyktis with equipment type change tome xD

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Good god this is what I’ve been ranting from the begining/
And why can’t we extract luci stats just because it’s bound to a certain char already?
It’s not like we’re gonna pass it to another alt -_-

Well, my guess is they can’t/don’t want to change the luciferie system anymore, just like old enhance system. Probably the new goddess accessories will be less annoying as it is now.