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Can we get a new system for handling Goddess Cube weapon skins?

The current system makes sense for transfering skins from ordinary items, but is pretty harsh when it comes to event skins.

Let’s say you’re lucky enough to buy an event skin before a particular goddess cube disappears forever. Now, you’ve got a decision to make. Do you use it on your current weapon? You could, but you’re aware that the current chapter will eventually end and this weapon will become obsolete. Since you have no way of transfering that skin to another weapon, and no way of re-buying the skin, you won’t get to wear it anymore.

So you probably end up doing what I do – let the skin rot in your inventory even though you’d rather use it.


What I’d like to suggest is a new system where we either get (a) some sort of item that lets you detach a skin and so you can re-use it again [1] or (b) a dedicated weapon cosmetic slot.

[1] If IMC is worried about money, it could work like the current Weapon Appearance Material (heck, it could be the current Weapon Apperance Material). It could also make the detached skin bound to your team, if they’re worried about circulation.

What are your thoughts, folks? Surely I’m not the only one who can’t bear to use those super rare weapon skins?


I agree completely, and this is why I never use skins.

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Just buy two or more when it was out smh
If you didn’t you just planned it bad and it wasn’t count as favorite skin
I still have 4 of my fav skin and when I login days ago out of curiosity I sold one for 20 times the amount I bought it a year ago
This probably wont be a thing anymore since last time I checked market was so dead means there are even less p2w (or simply there are less players when it’s already dire lol) and the price of p2w rare items become non sense especially for newcomers with the new silver income
So even if you hoard current weapon skin I don’t even think it’s profitable for future, if there really is game future

It is a pain to see your beautiful skin go either rot or away if you need to change the appearance of your weapon.
The eraser could be changed to a appearance extractor… or something alike.

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