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Can not starting the game

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  1. When i start the game then disappears and i try to starting again and again
  2. I do anything i can do , add the xml file and add dsetup32 , delete everything in the patch folder etc…so many time and different way i can try

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i experience same problem and i found the fix myself and decided no to report it.if your problem same as mine, the process of client_tos /tos will be there in your task manager. when the game “stuck” the process stuck at 450mb ram usage for me. my solution is to kill it and start the game again.once it goes above that number, that means things go right.

thats if your problem same as mine.

Hi cream2333

kindly send us a support ticket with details about the matter for us to further investigate.


i open my manager and kill it all but still not work , btw thank you

thank you but may i ask how to send to you?
since that problem did not show any error number or something , just i starting the game from steam and update then the game disappears

sometime it took me several time like 1-2 times to kill, start, kill, start until the process using more of my ram which means things go well
good luck with the gm solution