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Can I pick hidden classes after their corresponding rank?

I want to go corsair 3, yes no doubt about it. But I’m having trouble deciding what class am I gonna go for when rank 8 is released. I’m thinking of getting shinobi.
Here’s my build:
Sword3>Pelt1>Corsair3>then shinobi.

Question is can I pick shinobi at rank 8(after I go corsair 3) or must I pick it at rank 7(Since it’s at rank 7)?

Sorry about my noob question, but I haven’t tried hidden classes yet.

Yes you can. /20shinobistochangeabulb


@MoonlessGown Wow i’m planning almost the same build as you, Sword3>pelt1>Corsair2>Doppel>Shinobi. Are you already doing it ?? How it goes?? Good / Bad ?

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Not much of a problem for Shinobis. I can burst that down in seconds with Bunshin. Only thing with that is the amount of time to set it up, plus the 30 second downtime after using Bunshin. I think high pdef mobs is a bigger problem for Shinobi, like that one with 1300 pdef. Not being able to use Bunshin during cutscenes is lame as well but you can always call a friend for that I suppose.


That’s what I’m using, except I went Shinobi first instead of Doppel. I’m currently undecided for rank 8. It’s a good farming build if you max Jolly Roger. You can find many expensive recipes and mats this way. Iron Hook is great in PVP once you get the hang of it and Restrain helps a lot there too. Swash Buckling I’m finding not as necessary now and Barb1 instead of Pelt, for the slash bonus will be much better, especially if you going Doppel as well.

Also with Iron Hook you can hook 3 stronk magic mobs in PVE to stop their damage and make it easier to setup Bunshin. Make sure you max Pain Barrier as well because nothing sucks more than using a full charge of Bunshin to then get knocked down a few times afterwards.

It’s a popular route for Chaplains to take. They go Cleric 2 > Priest 3 > Chaplain, so reason stands that something similar can be done for shinobi

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Yup I’ve seen all the vids of Murnobi, sadly it’s too late for me :cry:

Problem for some of us is synergy. Murmillo seems kinda lackluster on it’s own, requiring Rod3 at least to get the most out of it. OP and bobi didn’t go Dragoon so Dragoon 2 is out of the question. Then you got Lancer that doesn’t work with some Corsair skills. Quite the dilemma.

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