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Burst classes galore: everything caters burst damage,yet steady damage is still a thing?

When I do weekly boss rush I ask myself if the developers ever even attempted to test their designs.

It’s the same wherever you go, the mechanics are balanced towards burst classes that have high factor damage skills and short-lived super buffs that boost damage by high %.

Meanwhile, any other class that deals stable damage over time with lower SFR% but lower cool down time gets fked over by mechanics stopping them from dealing damage because many mechanics just cannot be skipped/tanked, and if they can be skipped, chances are high that burst classes also have access to the same skip mechanics, giving them another edge.

Before there was at least a low damage cap and a low defense on the bosses, but now you’re hitting against bedrock with an absolutely insane damage cap of 10m that can only be reached with final damage buffs and high attack values + high SFR%.

Then there is the low animation speed/animation length of some skills that doesn’t fit their SFR at all. If a melee skill has a low SFR, the animation should also be very short so you can move away again shortly after.

This game should allow classes that have low cool down and thus low SFR and no high burst capabilities to continuously deal damage without screwing them every time they put up a setup of buffs and positioning with things like the chasing tornados.
It’s a huge difference if I can just burst 200m and then run around until the mechanic is over or I lose time while running because my skills only deal 50m max and then I have to run, ultimately giving the high ranks to the ranged classes with high burst and short animations who are less likely to fall victim to mechanics interrupting their burst.

Raids and WBR should take into consideration that there are non-burst classes that do not have access to minimum crit rate buffs and crit damage buffs to quickly dish high damage and then go into hibernation.
Non-burst classes should be able to tank the mechanics and deal damage continuously so they can deal the same overall damage with the same investment.

Maybe this can be balanced just by throwing the mechanics more frequently if you deal high damage in a short period of time while not bringing it up again for a long time if the damage is actually going slow and steady. Passives like increased accuracy/block/evasion/defense on bosses in WBR could also be related to that, rising over time rather than being fixed values, capping stronger players faster while allowing weaker players/players without burst classes to accumulate enough damage for rewards.

Also, please get rid of the short duration of buffs on non-burst classes like Paladin (Barrier/Resist Elements/Restoration are way too short-lived), it takes even more time away from them to actually deal damage if they have to set up every skill several times per minute, and makes it hard to coordinate for best continuous damage set-ups, since dealing damage is the only thing that matters for contents.

Make these buff skill durations long enough that you don’t have to recast them more than once in 5 minutes, with Barrier just being replaced by a new one when cast again within the 5 minutes duration in PVE (for PVP,the current Barrier can be kept, 12.5 seconds duration, 30 seconds cool down) and remove the skill scrolls for them for good so people who play the class actively do not have to suffer any longer using the skill once every x seconds for these low effects.