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Burning weekend helper remove Giltine Party raid entry

After getting the raid reset by the weekend burning , the entry I had from the Giltine Party raid was removed since it is a raid you need to craft the entry to make and my already registered entry was removed

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Hello @LSBprime,

Kindly submit a support ticket with the details of the matter for further investigation.

Same thing happened to me.


Here’s a video showcasing the issue:


worked as intended :slight_smile:

Have the exact same issue.
My giltine 1 run get reset to 0.

This is serious and IMC should refund 1 giltine reset.

Confirmed this happened to my friend also

it’s happened to me too :sad:

Can confirm it does happen but kek whats the chance they going to do anything.

ok they acknowledge the problem

For those who’ve suffered the same issue, please send us a ticket.
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

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