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Bullet Marker - Skill Concept Revamp (Outlaw used for SFR changes)

Bullet Marker - Skill Concept Revamp (Outlaw used for SFR changes)

Bullet Maker Skill Issues -

After starting iToS, I immediately fell in love with the Bullet Marker class making it my main class despite its damage beginning to fall off late game compared to the current meta. The main issue is that it only has 2 usable skills meant for dps (RIP & MOZAMBIQUE DRILL), and 1 skill used mainly as an i-Frame/wave clear (BLOODY OVERDRIVE). Other auxiliary skills that are normally gotten like SILVER BULLET and TRACER BULLET have very short durations and minimal returns with each skill point added. All of these skills are also located in the tier 1 skills or tier 2 skills meaning they will cost more points to max. No tier 3 skills are ever taken when maxing out damage. To put simply, this has caused the class to become lackluster when compared to other classes. Although the new vaivora weapons help to fix the damage issue, it doesn’t help the concept of the class in general.

Bullet Marker Skill New Concept -

So when talking about a Bullet Marker, the first thing that comes to mind is bullets- lots and lots of bullets. Not just the same types of bullets however, but different types, from slug shells to full metal jackets. This in turn alludes to different types of guns being used for these bullets which would fit the concept of a Bullet Marker, (Man or Woman walking down a street with lots of guns filled with lots of bullets). For simplicity, I am only going to suggest 4 types of guns that can be used and the skills they could relate to. All changes allude to real life examples. Changes were made taking Outlaw SFR damage/skill effect into consideration.

*** NOTE: The symbol “ ~ “ is used to indicate the possible range. SFR can change depending on the appropriate attributes provided. None of the suggested options need apply. The idea is to pick and choose things that would make the skill more appealing, but not broken. ***

Pistol - Mozambique Drill - Pistol Ammo generally does not penetrate armor. (20 rounds)

  • Overheat 5
  • Cooldown 15 seconds
  • Keep (Mozambique Drill - Ricochet)
  • Reduce (Mozambique Drill - Ignore Defense) = 0 ~ 25%
  • Increase SFR = (700 ~ 800%) x 4

Shotgun - Smash Bullet or Napalm Bullet - Three shotgun ammos are suggested, a slug, buck shot, or an incendiary round (aka Dragon Breath). (2 rounds)

  • Overheat at 2

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

  • AoE Attack Ratio: SR + 10

  • SFR = 5,300 ~ 6,300%

  • (Attribute) Slug

  • Reduce AoE Attack Ratio by 5

  • Ignore defense by 0 ~ 25%

  • Continuous damage factor: 100% OR increase damage by 0~20%

  • (Attribute) Buck Shot -

  • Increase AoE Attack Ratio to SR + 17

  • Reduce damage by 0 ~ 20%

  • Causes Bleeding OR Push Back

  • (Attribute) Incendiary Round -

  • Lachrymator/Hallucination Smoke disappears and triggers a damaging explosion

  • Additional 50% more damage if enemy has Tre Grantate: Lingering Flame

  • Causes Burn OR Knock Down

Light Machine Gun - R.I.P. - (21 rounds)

  • No changes to RIP; it is a bread and butter skill.

Sniper Rifle - Full Metal Jacket - (1 ~ 2 rounds)

  • Overheat 1 ~ 2

  • Cooldown 40 seconds

  • No AoE Attack Ratio, goes through all targets in a thin long line

  • SFR = 5,000 ~ 15,000%

  • Ignore Defense by 25 ~ 50% OR stun/shock for 0.5 seconds

  • 0 ~ 100% crit damage AND/OR increase critical chance by 0 ~ 25%

  • (Attribute) Lucky Shot -

  • Not usable in PVP

  • Ignores damage cap

  • Target changes to “1” OR Boss only

  • Overheat is “1”

  • Charge time is “0.7 seconds”

  • Has a 50% chance to do “1” damage OR a “lucky shot”:

  • Lucky Shot SFR =

    • 99.3% chance to do 7,777%
    • 0.7% chance to do 77,777%
  • If 7,777%, then any, all, or none of the following:

  • Ignore Defense by 77.7%

  • Increase critical damage by 77.7%

  • Increase minimum critical chance by 77.7%

  • Increase damage to boss monsters by 77.7%

The Other skills:

Bloody Overdrive - No Changes

Outrage - A little birdy told me this is going to be a buff skill with a Rage Meter that gives special abilities to your other skills. SURPRISE ME IMC!

Tracer Bullet - Increase duration to 1 min ~ 30 min, Decrease skill level to 1 ~ 5

Holy Bullet - Increase duration to 1 min ~ 30 min, Decrease skill level to 1 ~ 5

Double Gun Stance - Increase pistol damage or BM skill damage by small percentage.

Everything else is not needed as they are generally forgotten end game. This brings us down to 9 skills which is more manageable than the 12 skills we started out with.

The skill distribution would something like this:

Start skills: Double Gun Stance, Holy Bullet, RIP, Bloody Overdrive

Lvl 15 skills: Mozambique Drill, Smash/Napalm Bullet (Shotgun), Tracer Bullet

Lvl 30 skills: Full Metal Jacket, Outrage

I love theory crafting so please advise if you can think of any changes that are needed, or something doesn’t seem to work due to it being too strong, please let me know. The lucky shot I just did for fun, but it would be interesting if implemented. Let me know what you think.

Bullet Marker was completely revamped already on KTOS, with many skills deleted and some of their effects added to other skills instead.

Here is the new skill tree:


ty rip class then. Still something for the future to mull on.