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Bullet marker back to high DPS tier again

Im glad, bullet marker was always my favorite scout and i was sad to see it overshadowed by dagger.
Now then, when are we getting rid of assassin in our pistol builds?

If bullet marker and corsair is getting buffed, it would be ridiculous to not pick assassin, it is already doing decent DPS even with the state of BM and corsair right now.

I’m glad this is happening. I came to this game a BM, and even though knowing it is a weak class i took the challenge of trying to make a weakling strong. Almost maxed ichors, +16 pistol, drakonas pasi bracelet, moring necklace later still nothing…

Then comes BB, half savi, half varna and out dps you with authority…
Sad really
Makes you want to sell everything you have and play candy crush

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you mean, back to RIP 1 trick again. THE RIP CLASS.

But the new sheriff buff add more DPS, 20% more Atk and 40% crit Atk is a lot of extra damage, so is not only BM strong in that build.

Doppel, BB build SHOULD outdps bm builds its a berserker meleebuild.
High Risk high reward.

But yeah its a bit extreme now.
And im exited for the bb changes :smiley: