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Bullet marker attributes help!

hello friends, I need help, I do not know how the points works and distribution of the attributes, I’m new to the game! my build is as follows:>
what skills should I increase with attribute points, those that we earn 1000 x 100 etc, help me

Don’t know if best way but here is what I did…

Max attributes that have small max # aka effects attributes, then concentrate on the rest…

try max all up to 50 first then 70 >>>

there is no need to rush it, attributes are a bonus after all and make sure to watch for the +SP consumed if your build has low SP try to evade those until you can get better SP/pots

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so I do not need to worry about it too much right now? they do not influence much on the damage and etc?
my sp does not consume much, but I spend a lot of pots to upar

yeah! is more of a “long” term investment than an immediate concern…

Remember that the “enhance” attributes are a direct boost to skill factor. Raising these to 60 (something like 7k AP) means all your skills do 30% more damage. Don’t overlook that boost.


OK thank you ! another doubts which would be better to increase the attributes of the abilities that I use to make Bloody Overdrive, for example (area damage)! or temporary buffs like Double Attack

Most buff now is 30 min… not so temporary anymore.

Base on your class choice, I believe you are a burst type where 1 hit KO is your killer move but still supportive with your linker.

My way of upgrade -->

  1. Max small stuff first… eg: those att that just need 5 points.

  2. Upgrade to lvl 50 - 70 for skills with 100 attribute. 50-60 is cheap.

  3. Start upgrade with most used skills

  • If there are two or more, go with the highest benefit.
    *There are three types of attribute that goes to lvl 100(From my observation and exp).
    a. Added directly to skills:
    Skills 300% + att lvl 100 (50 + 10%) = 360%
    b. By percentage type A:
    Skills 150 atk * (100% + att lvl 100 (50 + 10%)) = 240 atk
    c. By percentage type B:
    Skills 200% * (100 + att lvl 100 (50 + 10))% = 320 %
  1. Go with what is your gut feeling tells you.

Just a personal suggestion, take freeze bullet at least one point for easier PVP freeze and bossing in cm.

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