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Build Schwarzer - Enchanter -?

I am between two builds with Schwarzer as the main class and Enchanter as second class, but he could not decide for the third.

Outlaw: What attracts me to this class are their abilities to increase the evade and control of agroo, however I can not understand the usefulness of Rampage.

Thaumaturge: I like the damage increase with the buffs, but I do not know how useful Swell Brain is.

PD: do not consider BM because it is more a main class than a secondary one.

(English is not my native language)

Outlaw gives a decent attack skills via blindfire, the evasion is very nice and synergy with SR evasion, rampage with an SR is kinda lackluster, but in near future patchs i believe it will have 100% eva(?) or something like that…

Thauma is mainly for farmer, and all in all looting chance dont make such big of a difference compared to more damage from another circle…

Corsair is also an option with the buffs, and as far as i know, theres no skill that cant be cast mounted, so it gives a few decent skills, and a few buffs…

Corsair use the main weapon for skills so discarded it.

About Schwarzer skills:

I have 15 points that I do not know where to put them, I was thinking about putting 5 in Caracole for the debuff and the Nonskid attribute, staying 10 without knowing if to place them in Concentrated Fire (less damage but easy to use) or Retreat Shot (more damage but difficult to handle)

Outlaw is pretty much a defensive class (evade tank) with 1 good aoe skill + rampage which boost your dmg +50% for 5 sec ( but you also take +50%dmg for 5 sec)

Corsair on the other hand is the opposite, it gives you a good aoe skill + a buff that boost pistol dmg by 20% so it really depends on what you want, more dmg or being able to evade attacks?

edit: quick & dead use only the pistol afaik, maybe test it

edit x2:
this is how i’d build them

I removed points from evasive action since you probably won’t be able to evade attacks consistently with only that+free step so you may aswell use the 10 points on something else (max caracole or use on concentrate), the 15 extra points in corsair are not very useful so do whatever

edit x3: also worth mentioning that blinding enemies with throw sand increase dmg of concentrated fire and marching fire by 30%

In future update, Corsair skills will scale 90% Sub and 30% Main.

Thanks for the answers, I’ll take the outlaw class

dont take nonskid Sr caracole allows to evade attack close range