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[BUILD] Hackapell Blossom Barbarian video Demonstration



aha im about to made this kind of build too, and look amazing :slight_smile:

Before i looked this post i thought some build to go with hacka and came up with exactly that one XD, talk about coincidence.

Just one question, does it change to take hacka first and barb after it?

I think Hacka is better first, more skills and overheats to help out the early game. Then, Barb and Blossom

Thx dude, i’m already a barb, got hacka first.

hei im new in this game and wanna try this build cause it looks fun, so im not interested on pvp, is this build legit for pve till end game content? thx before

Yes, can do well the end game contents. Just don’t forget to apply Set Status and Ichors in your gear in the lv400+ [EP11] Savinoses Gear you get in the end of the Quests. Will take a while to get there, no need to rush.

thx, and what arts skill did it need to survive pve? and to make sure (cause im newb) that was dagger ryt on the 2nd hand?
im already ichored my (ep11) savi gear but still confuse about set status, is it can unequipped and transferred to other gear like ichor?

Better go with Dagger + 1 Handed because Hackapell skills can be used only with 1H Sword. The good Set Status for EP11 gear is the Kurop until you get Varna gear to apply Ataka. Nope, Set status cannot be transfered, but can apply other type over the one you already have, if you desire later.

thx sir now i got it for set stats,
now for hacka skill cavalry charge, it cant be used with dagger, i try swap weapon to cast this skill and back to dagger, but the buff is dissapear, so whats the point on putting 1 point on this skill?

Use a shield in your Weapon Swap (Alt + Z and it should work normally) if not maybe it’s bugged. This skill has a good buff, it will have a lot more DMG later in a Future Update, the build will change eventually

Was thinking of trying out Haka-blossom aswell. But was thinking of maybe going Rodelero or cata for last role. Have you looked in to that and figured barb is the better option? Might get overwhelming with too many attack skills though. =)

And why go with a dagger? Unless you just happened to have better stats on a dagger over a shield ofcourse =)

I know almost nothing about Rodelero and Cataphract, sry. Dagger amplifies the main dmg as well.

I’m somewhat of a rookie when it comes to this game, but as far as i’ve understood the subwepon atk doesn’t add anything to your dmg unless your skills specifically tell you they do or that you have an attribute that adds a % of your subwep atk to your main. But the stats and gems do add to your overall dmg. but you can have the same numbers on a shield aswell. So figured a shield would be better cause of the defense in provide

About shield or dagger on hacka.

Right now shield is better because there’s no dmg add from sub weapon or shield except for gems, that as mentioned already, is the same for both shield and dagger, also, moringponia shield ichor helps a lot pulling those crits. But Blossom Blade has a specific dagger attribute for Flowering, this at max lv (5) decreases the flowering extra dmg by 30% but increases your crit by 50%, so you lose 3% outa the 10% flowering extra dmg for a sweet 50% crit rate. This is really handy for bossing, so I personally have a dagger to switch when bosses are involved and a boss doesn’t attack as often to make the moring shield effect that great.

In a future update the Hackapelle skill will change from resetting you hacka skills to boosting your atk based on your shield def or dagger atk, with dagger having the biggest boost and also the glacier dagger will boost your dmg further, so for a pure DPS focus dagger will be better then.

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Ahh thank you for the info. Then I know what to go for if I decide to try it out and end up liking it =)