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Build for Pala > Inquisitor > Oracle HELP

So, i wanna try this classes, but i don’t have any experience with Oracle. I want a PvE focused build, but not sure how to distribute the skills and which order to pick the classes. Please, help.

So for Oracle unless you really want to have some strange utility or make a bit of money I recommend against all the stuff about items and gender swap. For PVE these abilities seem to be king:

Arcane Energy -14/15, this ability is fantastic. The description is just flatly wrong in English however. It works like you’d imagine it works not what it says. Basically when you cast the ability it remembers what your current SP is at, at the end of the duration so long as your SP is lower than it was it’ll reset your SP back to that amount. So at 14 points with the AP trait it makes it so you cast teh spell, and you have 19 seconds to spend as much SP as you want and after that it’ll bring you back up, essentially making everything you did have a free SP cost. I use that for buffing at the start of dungeons, I use it to burst dmg, but I also partner it with Zealot since they have a way to expunge almost all your SP bar in seconds for crazy damage. I did 14/15 points because that’s where I took my 1 extra point for…

Prophecy 1/1, preventing level 1 status abilities is w/e, it’s kind of nice but not what makes it great. What makes this ability great is the AP trait that also increases dmg dealt to enemies by 30% for whoever is affected by the buff. That’s insane. Along similar lines you want…

Death Sentence 10/10, this ability and it’s AP traits makes for one hell of a good debuff. You slow enemies, and they take 50% extra dmg not counting any extra from the 100 level enhancement AP trait. Plus the other AP trait makes its CD reset if an enemy dies with the debuff on, it’s insanely good.

Divine Might 10/10, this ability is also quite good. It adds 1 level to all skills used for the party for the next X amount of skill uses. The X is based on the level but if you get it to level 10 you can get the AP trait to add 5 more uses. So the next 15 abilities used by the party gain a level which is a pretty big spike. Especially pairs well with doing a massive ability dump under Arcane Energy.

Foretell 5/5, this ability is really really nice for support and helps make people immune to massive hits. Also if you ever pair this with a Zealot it makes them survive with Fanaticism active. This ability is amazing. Then lastly what I did is…

Twist of Fate 5/5, this one is negotiable, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want. I personally love it at 5 points because it effectively means you can drop a mob instantly from 33% health on downward (half that for bosses). I haven’t done it yet but apparently it’s also especially helpful in certain big end game fights with high HP adds. You just have to be careful to make sure you’ll kill them with it otherwise… well… that’d suck.

As for how to pick the classes, that’s a hard one, I’d almost say Oracle last? You could either do Cleric then Inquis or Pally, Inquis being the higher damage option so if your’e solo you may want to get that asap, but Paladin will have a little bit of dmg (really not much) but have more survivability. With Paladin I’d just say Demolition isn’t as high dmg as it should be for it’s investment. You really want Paladin to be your buffing/healing and adding the extra layer of debuffing dmg taken from Conviction. Sanctuary is also not good so Pally I’d say Restoration (since you don’t have much healing going on in this build), Conviction, Barrier, and then the rest into maybe Resist Elements. For Inquisitor I’d do God Smash, Ripper, Judgment, and probably Breaking Wheel.

Honestly, though, you may want to consider doing Priest over Paladin. Priest would give you another holy dmg buff for the party that works on all ability damage, give you a massive massive AOE heal, give a good party defense buff, and a buff that will prevent people from death and instead make them invincible for a small window and heal them to 50%, plus the ability to revive anyone who does somehow die. The last remaining 5 points if you max out all those abilities you could either get a lesser attack that’s kind of meh, or get a group buff that adds a second holy dmg attack to any auto attacks people in the party do. The nice part being the other blessing buff adds to that as well. That’s especially helpful to many scout classes that auto attack which are pretty plentiful in the game right now.

If you went that route you’d basically be doing what I am, I went Cleric -> Priest -> DMG CLASS -> Oracle. My dmg class is Zealot, but you could swap that for Inquis.

Here’s probably what I’d do with Cleric, Inquis, Paladin, Oracle:

Here’s what I’d do with Priest instead of Pally:

And here’s what I’m doing with Zealot instead of Inquis if you’re curious:

Thank you, i’ll try ASAP :slight_smile:

My dear Johanna follow de exactly build u post.
What abou Stat? Full STR?

Full STR or CON depending on your equipment (usually STR – I add few points in CON to get to a multiple of 10 for the extra HP boost).

Concerning the build, with the recent change to Oracle (Foretell only absorbs 30% of damage – 48% with max attribute – instead of 100%), I was wondering is picking Zealot instead would be better or not. Just a matter of getting Death Sentence vs Zealot buffs.