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Build For Monk =)


Hello everyone, I’m researching a lot to create a definitive build for the Monge class. I’m having some difficulties and would like to ask your opinion where to put the skill points and if really the class chosen was the most interesting.
This build is focused on the future Monk that will gain some improvements in its main abilities.
Thinking only of harm and not of survival in general, I chose Chaplain, whom I believe to be obligatory for any Monk of respect. And also Zealot, because it has interesting abilities for the Monk as “Blind Faith”, “Emphatic Trust” and “Fanaticism”.

Any and all opinions are always welcome.
Sorry for my English

Build -


You do it wrong… VERY wrong…
My version(i’m retard nice to meet you)


I like the idea of Zealot for having access to another version of Paraclitos Time (which is one of the most important utility skills for this kind of build), but I don’t like the rest of the kit.
And keep some ideas in mind: Iron Skin’s efficiency will be doubled (from -7,5 to -15% damage reduction), which is huge. And most of your damage from his kit will be from AA because Double Punch will become way better later, so don’t worry too much for having Energy Blast (unless Goku is your guide) to stop you from AA. And if you aim for Palm Strike as a real damaging skill, having Hand Knife is not a bad option (both will be buffed in enemy’s def penetration).
And I prefer Priest instead of Zealot. This build here is not the finished one but is pretty close to it.
Better sustain and defense, and free damage to the AA.


When it will come then?


put 1 point to gff anyway +50% for ur dmg…


You want One-inch punch because you can chain silence bosses for like 35-40 seconds which is huge for soloing Amiss Dog for example. You also want 1 point in God Finger Flick because it gives you +50% blunt damage on enemies you hit with it, so always use it before a palm strike combo or before hitting with double punch.

In regards to Invulnerability, it is purely a worse Paraclitus Time, and there’s nothing worth spending the points on instead in the Chaplain tree.

Blind Faith is absolute trash as well. The only reason to use it is for the crit damage debuff from the attribute. Not to mention that monk already has pretty big SP issues.

Visible Talent, Capella, and Aspergillum are the most important skills in the chaplain tree. You don’t need more than 1 point in Visible Talent either. Last Rites is garbage and I only put 9 points into it because it’s better and less annoying to use than Binatio, especially since you already have attack speed from double punch.

Immolation is also one of the most important skills from Zealot, but thankfully you only need 1 point in it for the armor melt. Your combos are going to be Fanaticm -> God Finger Flick -> Immolate -> Beady Eyed -> Palm Strike combo. Beady Eyed has such a high uptime it’s worth maxing. Emphatic Trust damage is really mediocre but if you really want it for the Capella combo, take 2 points off Fanatic Illusion.


Chaplain is the worst class in Cleric anything is better than picking chaplain if you want a full pve melee dps cleric. That being said if you want a monk build for the upcoming patchs i can link a few builds bellow.

Druid is a core class for any dps build for cleric as it provides a crit damage buff, crit rate buff and a more damage multiplier through Lycanthropy. Nothing in the cleric tree can compete with these buffs as they bolster the power of any 2 classes you pick with Druid.

In the Hybrid build Krivis is taken as it will provide you with another 50% damage multiplier to all your damage through Divine Stigma (30 second cooldown 15 second up-time), while also reducing the critical resistance of anything with Zalciai and further increasing your crit damage and crit rate.

The Zealot variant is just a cookie cutter Zealot set up with monk in it.

The Inquisitor variant is still going to be fine after the Judgement nerfs (75% reduction in duration on bosses) and you will have to reallocate the remainder of your 10 skill points to other skills as judgement will be a noob trap after that patch gets implemented in.

Hybrid Magic/Physical DPS
#1 Physical DPS
#2 Physical DPS

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What’s the point taking monk if you’re not gonna embrace double punch. Chaplain aren’t bad. Aspergilium can scale up to 211% along with holy property. Capella multiply all holy to 2.6x at max attribute, also one of the top party/boruta buff.

Then 3rd class can go many. Zealot for full damage, druid good overall. Miko upcoming clap should apply to capella too. Can go other for their utility depending on how you wanna play them.


For PVP perhaps :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Answering this with the assumption that the OP is referring to the latest buffs Monks received in kTest server, not the patch we are getting next week:

IMO you might want Hand Knife, One Inch Punch and God Finger Flick on at least 1 point for the CC of Hand Knife and One Inch Punch (if mobs swarm you and things get messy), and God Finger Flick’s strike debuff. God Finger Flick’s strike debuff is great for bossing, especially with Double Punch’s increased skill factor in future patches. If you want, you can sacrifice points from Golden Bell Shield as it has too long of a cooldown, too little damage increase, and too little uptime to make much of an impact, and 1 point is enough to enjoy its cooldown reset perks. If you’re not interested in using Palm Strike + Hand Knife as damage skills and prefer the Auto-Attack playstyle (since you took chaplain, I assume you are going with the Auto-Attack playstyle), you can place those points into Iron Skin.

With Monk and Chaplain, Auto-Attacks are your main source of damage, and IMO Visible Talent should be added at least 1, or maxed for lower cooldown to get more bossing damage (imagine double Auto-Attack DPS every few seconds or so, though its single target and has a cap). Binatio is worthless at level 1, and Double Punch level 15 (along with a good amount of DEX from equips) is more than enough to hit the soft Attack-Speed cap of 3 Auto-Attacks per second. Personally, I worry about Aspergillum’s damage in the new White Crow Raid with the boss being Holy Element, but Deploy Cappella should be able to mitigate that with pure holy damage increase.

Monk Chaplain is the quintessential Cleric Auto-Attack complete package, and third class is really up to preference:

  • Zealot gives great general damage buffs, especially now that Energy Blast is short enough to be used with Immolation. Blind Faith damage can be used for Visible Talent, though the usefulness of Blind Faith as damage fodder for Visible Talent is up to each individual.
    (About your Zealot build, Fanatic Illusion is a strong AoE skill with Fanaticism being up, so please max it. If you do plan on using your physical skills for a short burst and want a bit of fire property damage, Immolation is great with 1 point. About Invulnerable, I suggest getting Gazing Golem Cards for PB effect and maybe only adding Invulnerable at either 0 or 1 as a safety net until Gazing Golem Procs. Also, unless you need that Blind Faith damage boost for Visible Talent and have enough SP, there’s not much need for maxing Blind Faith (Visible Talent at level 1 and Blind Faith has the same cooldown too). Otherwise, I think everything else is preference depending if you prefer an Auto-Attack only playstyle or a playstyle using skills to deal damage.)

  • In terms of support, Priest is a good choice for support, like what a Priest usually does. It may not be the most offensive class, but what it lacks in damage it gives back in support along with Priest buffs.

  • Plague Doctor is also a good choice if you’re proceeding with the more support-ish line of thought. Mobility, heals, anti-CC and PB effect is always great to have.

  • Miko/Kannushi is worth thinking about, possibly a meta-changer with Clap now working with Deploy Cappella to make it 100% uptime for boosting Aspergillum and Energy Blast. Energy Blast does the most DPS with Deploy Cappella going at 100% uptime. Also has Omikuji for crit buffs if needed (if you get Great Curse, simply Gohei it away) and Sweep to increase Cappella’s level further.

  • Inquisitor just being Inquisitor. Strong class in any build if you want damage. A good class to abuse God Finger Flick’s strike debuff along with how good the class is right now. Auto-Attack damage from hitting mobs with Auto-Attacking Breaking Wheel also counts into Visible Talent, so I guess there’s that.

Oracle and Krivis are great debuff classes, but I personally do not like Divine Stigma’s uptime and the constant casting of debuffs from both classes. Druid sounds great, though I can’t remember if they did anything with how Double Punch doesn’t work while in Demi-Lycan Lycanthropy. Just to repeat myself, this whole thing is based on the assumption that the topic refers to future patch, its just my opinion and that third class really feels up to preference.


Sure, if the sp lost for 15s still there.


The reason you don’t pick chaplain is because everything is better than picking chaplain Visible Talent is a trash tier skill. WOW you hit for dmg cap on a 40 second cd you know what else hits for damage cap God Smash and that’s 3 uses on a 15 second cd. Literally any of the dps classes will out dps what chaplain provides and you speak of holy property damage, the new raid and legendary raid is holy themed which means you will be doing 25% less damage with your chaplain skills bringing down further the uselessness of chaplain.

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I said nothing about visible talent :man_shrugging:

If you want to make a Monk, pick classes that complement Monk feature. If you pick Inqui, that’s just building Inqui with Monk as poor filler.

Monk Chaplain still have room for another class to fill the gap and it don’t have to be druid either.


So far, the best combination for my style of play I’ve come across is Monk, Chaplain and Priest. Maybe I’ll change in the future with some better upgrade, but for now it’s more viable for my style of play this build. About the skills was like this -

I removed all Deploy Capella points and invested in Binatio ability attack rating. I put it all in One Inch Punch, I do not know if it’s viable but otherwise 1 in each just by the effect of knocking over. Maybe it was not good, but I’ll test and play for a long time with this build to see what happens.


Capella is so good, you want it. It buff Aspergilium and Energy Blast. Idk how’s your gear but you are right, you need to play to get the feel. Plus resetting a lot to test skill.

From my experience playing Chaplain and Monk (sadly I gave up Monk twice), I would do this for Monk - Chaplain.
Paraclitus Time - Immune to knockback
Last Rite - Scale too low
Binatio - I would remove it if it doesn’t affect much aspd and dump on Last Rite/Visible Talent instead.
Energy Blast - Max charge 2 second after another patch. Level 10 meaning you do 10x hit. If still sux, prolly I’ll ditch this skill.


Just a small thing krivis double energy blast damage while also increasing its damage by a further 50% so technically divine stigma is a 200% more damage multiplier to energy blast and its always up for every energy blast while also providing your group with 50% damage multiplier and other benefits. Just face it chaplain is in a very bad spot.

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While capella 240% and not restricted to 5 target :smile:


Capella is 160% more damage (with +120m investment in enhancement). No one cares how quickly you will clear some random trash monster. Divine Stigma is 100% more damage to Energy Blast because it doubles its hits while the target is under the effect of Divine Stigma then increases how much damage the target will take by 50% because that’s the effect of Divine Stigma in turn making it provide more damage than Capella with 0 investment in enhancement. So please do tell how is Capella better and how did you get 240% more damage LUL.


You can’t afford 120m attribute? :laughing:

Man, you’ve been cherry picking and missing the whole point. I’m not gonna bother with you.


Monkquis is good, the 50% strike damage from gff effects god smash damage. At the moment it is more of a pvp build but it functions well as a hybrid.

I dont bother with DP and focus on the combo skills as filler between smash and ripper. 1ip is great for silencing and setting up your smash combo. Not to mention it is currently broken in PVP.

If you land a knockdown from blast or knife, thats a free iron maiden.

EDIT: Post monk changes I will probably invest in double punch, just not now.