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Build For Cleric Leveling?

Hey guys im quite new to the game and i dont really want the fastest lvling build or anything like that i do wanna become a decent healer but can also solo when i need to aswell and i came across this build.

Now i wanted to know if this is the right order as for as lvling goes for the classes cuz to me it doesnt seem so i guess when people are doing these builds they dont really care what order its in when they link it for us. If anyone could help me out id greatly appreciate it i was thinking maybe it was Priest/kabba/oracle maybe in that order ?

This build is good for full sup, you dont have damage for solo leveling.
Go to exo(dps)-priest(sup)-pd(“dps” and sup) for solo play.
If you go for priest-oracle- kabba, is better to kabba be the last class

ah i see i just dont wanna be bothered with other classes tbh this is the build i can see myself enjoying like idk i really feel like this is it is there really no way i can lvl with this ? cuz ive been mostly lvling with just quests on my archer.

So if this is bad for lvling up how is priest/plague doctor/oracle ?