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Bugged: [Quest] What is in the box...?


Bug Description :
There is a bug with the quest “What is in the box…?” on the Coastal Fortress (Lv 204) map. At the start of the quest, faint petrifying frost comes out of the box and advances towards you. However, it seems to be advancing way faster than it should be. Please refer to video.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Go to Coastal Fortress (Lv 204), top right area of the map (i.e. Karda Fortress area).
  2. Start the quest “What is in the box…?” by interacting with the chest.
  3. Observe the faint petrifying frost.

Screenshots / Video :
Bug Video:
Example of how the quest is supposed to look like:


It’s been two years now and I’ve done this quest with a bunch of chars. Everytime the petrifying frost moves at the same speed as in your video. I’ve never seen it move slowly. I guess it’s now the default. Makes the quest hard to complete, but it’s not impossible.


I completed this quest, it sure is hard to do it, but it’s not impossible.