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Bugged Halloween Attribute Points / Daily Login

Can’t seem to use this … I recon and everything …

Edit: Also 1 hour login? for Oct. 13 still hasn’t arrived …


Same here, and i ask guildies no one get the daily attendance too

I got the login time rewards, but it doesn’t let me use the 10k attribute tickets…

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they are cursed, those AP hahaha

Same here too.
Spooky attribute point.

Yep same issue here. Thank you for providing a video.

Here too. :T
So sad.
I want those juicy points. GIMME.

It’s troll by IMC ="=

Hello savior!

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ve fixed the issue now, so please try to use the item :slight_smile:
If the matter persists, please send us a ticket.

Thank you!

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what about us who cant obtain the rewards even if we were online more than an hour. <.<

I got the rewards an hour ago … its delayed so much XDD and everything works again …

I just got reward from login event… but it was from yesterdays reward ughh that means im not getting the ruby.

lets wait for 7am server time … if not then we’re probably a day late on receiving daily login rewards …


The daily login is messed up I think, I still haven’t got the one for October 16 … O.O I think I’m going to be delayed for 1 day or 2 with this …