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Bug when creating team

how can i solve this bug?

(cannot create a team due to the existing in the other world tree of savior)

I have this problem when trying to create a team in the South American.

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This is not a bug. This means the team name you tried to get is already obtained by other players on other servers. Please note that team name is unique per player per server. Even when you use the same steam account, you still need different team names on different servers.

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I have the same issue on the new server. Whatever name i type (even random letters) for team it is impossible to make new team - “Cannot create team due to existing team in other world”. So if i have team on 1 EU server i can not make new one on new EU server right? Is there possibility to delete that team on other server to start new and fresh? Please HELP!

I think this is just a major problem which needs to be solved because no matter what name we put, the result is still the same. Please fix this problem because we really want to stay in the game for a long period of time and this problem is bothering me. How am i gonna be able to pre register if i got the same problem no matter what name i put. I dont if it is another bug or just a major problem i hope you read this message. Thank you.

I believe I have the same problem. Every time I try something it’s unavailable even though the names are unlikely to be actually taken.

I have the same problem, and i tryed random names but still showing the same message :c

the chat is down because that u can’t register anything, if any name you’re trying is register already u gonna get a “the name as already taken” and not the normal message you’re getting

you must create a new steam ID if you already have characters in the old server.

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Oh that’s some stupid bs… need to create another steam account just to play on new server.

It is not stupid. The new TEMPORARY server is meant to boost progression of new player for few months before they move into original servers. And again, these new servers are meant for fresh new players, not players who already tried ToS before.

If your steam account already has a team name on any original server, you won’t be able to join the new temporary servers. If you want to have a fresh start again, using a fresh new steam account is recommended.

It is stupid, I am a new player i have never played tree of savior and i wanted to play it so i downloaded it and i selected “new europe” normally as a new player then it said this server is closed. Okay then im gonna create a new in another server. NO you cant create a new team in another server because as Tree of Savior team we scammed you and we wont let you play our game go find another game. Well okay looks like this game doesnt need new players at all.


This 'NEW" server is currently opened for pre-register. It will fully operate on 11th Feb with a lot of benefits for new players. Please wait for few more days to play. I am sure it is worth your waiting time to play on this server.

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Even I cant be sure if it gonna worth or am i gonna like the game. I need to take a look to game and try it personally right? And im not gonna create a new e-mail and a new steam account for this. They should have predict this gonna happen. What a stupidty.

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If IMC team listen to this and so many other people, they will finally understand how pointless their new servers will be. The only thing they provided up to now is confusion and all potential new players will be lost to this nonsense.


feel more like AWS gives IMC few months of free using their server so they come up with this event :laughing:

Is it possible to delete my Team on the current server so that I can create another Team on the new servers (both in the same region)?

No you can’t. Team is something cannot be deleted. You must create new steam account to join new server.

It must be a joke, i want to play only with one steam account. I can delete my old team (i created some times ago i don’t even remember, played maybe 15 minutes) but they don’t even give me a chance to do that. How sad:( I think i am gonna delete the game even without starting.