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[Bug] Unable to reopen Legend Skiaclipse Cube - Stuck in cutscene

We cleared the raid 2 times and on both of them we got stuck in the cutscene after defeating the White crow then got kicked seconds after without being able to reroll.
Is this happening to someone else?
We decided to delay our remaining runs to other day, I hope IMC fix this and compensate us, we were rellying on the reroll to finish our equipment sets.

It’s happening to other people.

I heard you can quickly exit and re-enter to reroll the cube, but I haven’t had the issue occur.

This happened to my group and unfortunately we lost both sets of rerolls. It was also 2 runs. Put a ticket in and got told they were looking into it but I really want my feathers. :sad:

Edit: Not sure the root cause but one thought I had was that maybe it was backmasking near the center of the room. Deaths are also super buggy in there right now where people’s corpses just start bouncing. Not sure if related.

I was there and it was really bad.
We were so excited to finish it and reroll our runs, but unfortunately we had to delay it.
I hope it get fixed so we can do it again.
And about the run? Will we gain another one? Can we just reroll?

the death bouncing is happening in fields and in feud too so maybe not related to not reopening :smiley: can cross out that one possible cause for you.

Today it happened again, but we couldn’t leave and reenter to reroll either because it was the last run and it required 10 legend raid stone to reenter. Total of 3 runs this week were lost because of it.

They answered the ticket with the same automated message, so I guess we will have to accept it until they fix and pray to be lucky enough to not have this bug in the next weeks so we can finish our sets.

I asked for some type of compensation but they totally ignored. They used to be more open to compensate us for this type of problem in the past, like Saalus Convent mission boxes and world bosses boxes. So sad.

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