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Bug Skill Hasisas Assassin

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The skill hasisas does not increase critical damage with attributes at level 100

This should work fine and should just be a tooltip error, but the tooltip should still be fixed.

The tool tip es weird in that skill, is not always the same number, sometimes it says 50% then I change map/channel and it change to 24%, I’m not sure what the real number is, even in the skill simulator is not clear.


It dynamically changes based on your missing HP to increase the effect of Hasisas.

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hi since its about hasisas might ask here as well instead of posting another hope you can answer.

about the skia knife, i know we can snap cast it and switch. but when its crit dmg scales with hp, is it still with skia effect?

It only affects the base effect of Hasisas. You will still get the bonus based on missing HP, but that bonus won’t be any higher with the knife.

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