[Bug] Shinobi AI bugged?


Date and Time : 19/01/2019 BRT - 19:20

Server Name: Silute [SA]

Team Name: Diamandis

Character Name: Toushirou

Bug Description :
Shinobi’s clones now seem to wander off to attack a certain spot insted of actually following the player or searching for available enemies. This makes impossible to deal damage since Raiton requires being close to the target to hit, que only thing i can do is spam kunais since when i use it the clones actually face the enemy i’m fighting. This happens everytime i summon them, they just wander off to a certain spot and start attacking as if there was something there.

Even when there’s only ONE enemy they don’t attack it, they somehow prioritize whatever invisible thing is there

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Summon Clones
  2. Watch them attack the wind

Screenshots / Video :


Their AI has been fixed in the 03/12 patch.

However, they seem much more fragile now and die on a couple of hits. This is concerning, since they are supossed to be mainly a PvE damage buff and now they don’t even survive long enough against bosses to copy 2 skills.

On the bright side, it might not be an intended change, because the patch notes didn’t mention this.