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[BUG REPORT] [SCOUT - CORSAIR] Double Weapon Assault not working at all anymore

Bug Description :
Me and a friend both tested the skill/buff Double Weapon Assault on different characters specced with different builds and advanced classes (I was Corsair -> Outlaw, he was Bullet Marker - Corsair) and at level 129+ the attack speed is already so high the blade (main weapon) and dagger (sub weapon) cancel each other.

That makes impossible to connect the attacks, you can notice everything is wrong:

  • the animation is wrong and not the usual DWA
  • the sequence of attacks is wrong (dagger - dagger- sword - dagger - dagger - sword - sword - etc.)
  • the damage is rarely increased (you keep seeing the same NORMAL damage of the two weapons you are holding, rarely the attacks connect and finally you see the augmented version of the damage, but it’s like 1 hit on 10, the rest is just a sequence of normal attacks with normal damage).
  • the speed also is rarely increased.

There are several peoples who are reporting this. For example this topic (the latest one):

I came back to play with Scout -> Corsair but at the moment it’s impossible. Please patch the corsair and change the DoubleWeaponAssault buff to work like the Bullet Marker’s one (which is a stance), so that the probable responsible for this bug doesn’t affect it anymore: Scout has got an higher DEX and attack speed compared to previous Swordie-Corsairs, also because DWA didn’t use speed so before nobody put DEX if they intended to use that skill, now the huge attack speed is probably causing the attack-cancel issue.
Or resolve it as you please, but do it fast or you will lose players since the majority of those came back specifically for the SCOUT class, so the probability to notice that a whole CORSAIR class in it doesn’t work at all is huge (DWA being the most exclusive skill of that class, but also other skills won’t work properly in the Corsair, it gives the feeling there is a whole class bugged).

Possible source of the issue: Higher DEX = more Attack speed (+ even slight lag) = DWA not working anymore with SCOUT because the dagger attacks are so fast that are cancelling the sword attacks or similar situation

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 23 and 24 Jan 2019

Server Name: EU

Team Name: Different teams tested (we created it 3 times and was lead by different peoples each time)

Character Name: Different chars from different accounts. My character name is: Thvnder

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Pick a scout->corsair character
  2. Activate Double Weapon Assault
  3. Keep pressed the sub weapon attack button, while spamming the main hand attack button.
  4. Notice it’s not working at all and damage is not increased compared to normal hits. Most of the time is totally not activating, no speed, no damage, no anything.

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Me Keyboard and my friend uses Joypad.


Always bugged at the moment.lvl 160+ Squire/corsair

It’s still bugged, I recently sent a ticket reporting this and they replied that they already know about the bug, but from this post I think they will not fix it so soon