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[BUG REPORT] Fletcher Magic Arrow BUG!

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4.14.2019 SGT
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Fletcher Magic Arrow skill debuff wasn’t apply to monster correctly
Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use magic arrow on monster
  2. if monster stay in the magic arrow, monster only take 15 hit as skill description, but there is no continuous damage debuff applied to the monster.
  3. if monster stay in the magic arrow took 15 hit and not die, magic arrow disapeared without any debuff applied to monster
    4)if monster hit by the magic arrow and leave the fire circle, a continuous damage debuff will apply to the monster
  4. when facing agroup of enemies like 7 or 8, magic arrow only hit each monster like 2 hit then disapeared without any debuff applied

I do think its a bug that continuous damage debuff wasn’t apply to monster correctly, this is core skill of fletcher, please fix this. There are no many op build on archer class anymore, and you still allow some bugs like this in the game to break the game experiance.

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Unfortunately this is how the skill work, the enemy needs to leave the arrow for the debuff to proc.

Fletcher is one of the next class to get balance patch in kTOS, I hope they can improve some of the skills.

The continuous damage applies while a monster is inside the circle, the debuff you’re seeing is the silence attribute. There is no other debuff that magic arrow does.

Not sure if this is intended though–but I have not seen this behavior.

I understand what he’s talking about. If the monster passes through magic arrow’s area, it will get a DoT on it. Also if you cast magic arrow on a few monsters, it’ll hit a few of them one or two times and then disappears. The skill pretty much sucks if you aren’t fighting 3 or so targets.

I might make a video showcasing it.