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Bug on family name creation

So, long time ago I used to play on the south america server, however, my friends invited me to join them on the new North America Server, I could not pass the family creation screen because it was saying that name is already been used somewhere (I tried all crazy things with numbers and letters). So I tried to create a family on the old server north America, and guess what? The first name I typed it worked.

TLDR: None of my friends can create a family on the old server and I cannot join them on the new server, what should I do?

You need a new steam account for the new servers.
Pretty dumb but that’s how it is.

New steam account just for the sake of 1 game? No thanks, isn’t it possible to delete my previous account?

Nope, cant do that.
Many dislike that, but there is no other way besides a new steam account.

Wow, what a great decision from them, I would like to understand why this blockage, it makes no sense