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Bug of guild and cm outer 15

Hi guys i have several problem right now in game.

  1. is i cant disband my guild u can see the evidence in the link below :slight_smile:

  2. is i dont know why but in outer 15 after i finished challange mode until stage 5 ( solo-ing ) i didnt get any reward, exp and silver, is there any of u have the same problem like me?

btw if any of u can help me to resolve the " i cant disband my guild" please tell me.

Thank u

Server : Telsia
IGN : Khaleshee
age : :blush:
gender : β€œgo to hell u guys”

Hello @warpaintmaroon,

We have replied on your support tickets regarding the reported concerns.


hey GM, yess thank u for the reply, but first please watch the vid before u guys ask me the same thing that i did, i feels useless send u guys directly the video evidence cause u ask me the same thing that i already did.

please help me im as player really do need u guys help here, for me to enjoy the game

and next for the outer cm15 u guys say that i already get the loot.

and u guys say :

Thank you for contacting us.

Upon investigating your account, we have found out that you have managed to complete and receive the stage 5 rewards on your character β€œJorah”. You also received numerous items after the completed run. We hope that clarifies your concern.


Tree of Savior Support Team

and heres my question :

which time is it? when i did challange mode two times that day cause i wanna level up my chara? u guys didnt give me the exact detail and u guys say its answered, but didnt resolve anything.


please help me regarding this mater, and surely i feels my tickets means void to u guys, please double check all of the thing i alread give u guys.

Best regrads