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Bug is fixed, what now?

So this Sept 07 maintenance, there is a bug-fix implemented regarding fixed ichors being maintained when changing weapon types.

For better context, here is a sample:
I just randomly /memberinfo players from this whale Guild known for ‘using dark magic’ and with just a couple of seconds, i hit the jackpot

Also if you see his random stats, its miraculously identical.

I don’t really get how it works at first but upon a bit of analyzation , I unlock the secret!
You just need 1pc lvl3 ichor and 4 goddess armor(same part)
Just apply the ichor on that 4 goddess armor then use armor type change to make it a full set. This way, you got full set lvl3 fixed ichor by just crafting 1pc of it.
For the random stat, Im still not clear with it since its not mention on the patch note but I think it has something to do with save engrave stats.

Its definitely a BUG and IMC quietly admits it by fixing, but what happens to those who already abuse it before fix???
Roam freely with their 75% discount fixed ichor?

PS: yes Im salty :salt: ! because im grinding my ass out to level all my fixed ichor parts, then I get a news that many people already full lvl3 by just crafting 1pc. I thought maintenance will fix the bug and revert those cheat armors to normal but yeah, those screenshots above are after patch.

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this part isnt because of engraving? which like ctrl+C then ctrl+V+V+V to other part of armor

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IMC can ignore the random stat one because we can do it with engraving

but on the fixed one…they really have to fix it for those who already misusing the bug.

Fixed in ktos, they removed all fixed ichors, refunding 100k silver per item

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yeah it’s “enjoy while it last” moment now

kToS has removed all fixed ichor from Goddess Equipments with 100k compensation per part (to re-attach it again)

which i think it’s coming next schedule MT if not they don’t do urgent MT