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Bug in "Tomb of the White Crow: Legend (Solo)"

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 03/12 06:35 AM EST

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Sachee

Character Name: Pachee

Bug Description :
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Since the patch on March 03, I’ve been experiencing this problem when I try to run the solo legend version of skiaclipse where the boss will put me in the middle for the bone prison mechanic but he doesn’t actually put the prison on me so I end up getting killed by the sure-kill mechanic that happens after you get teleported back into the middle. I have no ways of escaping the mechanic because before you get the bone prison placed on you, you cannot cast any skills and I can’t even i-frame the sure-kill mechanic.

I suspect that the game places the prison on one of my minions instead of me and it makes clearing this fairly easy (but buggy raid) impossible without using soul crystals (which I think would be a waste in a raid I can clear normally without dying).

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Be a sorc/necro and enter into "Tomb of the White Crow: Legend (Solo)
  2. Summon all of your mobs (Summoning, Summon Salamion, Create Shoggoth, Raise Skull Archer x5, Raise Skull Mage x1)
  3. Fight Skiaclipse until he phases
  4. Wait for the bone prison mechanic at 80%/50%/20%
  5. Get teleported into the middle while also being slowed
  6. The boss starts charging up the sure-kill mechanic without actually caging you and all of your skills are blacked out
  7. You die.

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Do you have any video of this occurring to help diagnose the issue?

I have never experienced this issue in my runs as a summoner, so I don’t believe it’s tied to him targeting summons. There can be cases where if you are under invincibility frames when he tries to move you to place the cage on you, he can skip his forced dive which he uses to stall time for the cage to appear.

Beyond that, it’s important that you do not use blind or salamion’s blind attribute. Blind typically will instantly reset whatever a boss is doing, and if he is doing his forced dive to stall time for the cage to appear, he will simply skip it and do his explosion to kill you.

The only “bug” that should exist is the fact he will explode his curse/bomb on you immediately if you already have one active. IMC said they may be changing this in a KTOS patch so it does not happen. Other “odd” behavior can usually be explained.

A tip I give, never sit in the summon near the times of pulling in the middle, as he will bug … Another thing, also do not invoke Corpse Tower and Bone Pointing, as they will bug the AI ​​of the boss.

I went through it 4x before I understood these glitches


Hi @Sachee,

Kindly submit a ticket to the Tree of Savior support team to further assist you regarding the matter.

I play Sorc/Necro/Omny so I don’t have any i-frames outside of the base wizard “Teleportation” I’m also a pretty weak wizard so I go through the fight in 12-ish minutes and I do every mechanic. I also have been carefully timing when to push him into the threshold for the bone prison mechanic so that it happens without any other mechanic happening at the same time.

I’ve probably tried doing the dungeon about 4 times this week and only cleared once when all I summoned were Ignas, shoggoth, and sally. I only cleared that time because the bone prison was properly placed on me at each threshold.

I always move either left or right of where I get moved into the middle because I find it hard to get my summons to attack the bone prison if I’m in the middle of the map. I also don’t use Corspe Tower after the first phase because sometimes it does unreasonably grab aggro over me.

I will try to take a video of it at a later time, but i just wanna say, I’m not causing the boss to immediately invoke the sure-kill mechanic. He does everything normally about that mechanic except he does not place a bone prison on me to protect me from the sure-kill mechanic and I also can’t move.

Yes, Teleportation is what I would be referring to. I have also done the fight in its entirety.

Be sure to check what I said about Blind from Salamion.

Alrighty, I just finished my runs for the week without sally’s blind on and it worked perfectly fine. I think now that it probably has more to do with the boss needing to see my character in order to put the cage on her. Sometimes the boss will do the bomb mechanic but he doesn’t put it on me or anything else, it’s very weird but doesn’t affect the run. Just thought I’d mention it.

Thanks for the help!

I had the same problem with my Warlock. Now I know why (Evil Spirit: Darkness attribute). Thx for the info.