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Bug display menu in characters

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :(GMT-3) Bs As

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: lAkital

Character Name: kenzo

Bug Description :
After the update I have not been able to trade with any person and try to display the menu with the secondary button this does not appear. only the menu appears with the characters who are selling their prophecies

Screenshots / Video :

Hello savior!
Thank you for letting us know the issue! :slight_smile:
If there is any updates about the issue, we will let all the saviors know it!
Thank you.

You can’t trade in cities at the moment. As a workaround for now, go into the fields if you want to trade with someone.

Hello savior!
Are you still unable to use right click in cities now?
If the matter is persisted, please let us know that.
Thank you.

Yes, still can’t use right click in cities

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yes it’ll persist after MT if there’s no more patch today

Update June 9 : confirmed, still not work

Update June 10: Problem fixed
source: i datamined it :slight_smile:

@Staff_Jin this bug already one week please fix it asap, and the game is server is very poor donnt matter doing CM, Raid or GTW, fix it man

orsha can, klai cannot.