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Bug concerning missing reward from NPC

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 29th Feb 2020, 21:59 (GMT +8)

Server Name: Sigita

Team Name: DOMO

Character Name: Kaze

Bug Description : By reaching 450lv, there should be a 400lv exp card as reward due to the New world benefit buff,however, I did not receive anything despite talking to the magic association NPC for the level reward,I have checked my inventory,market retrieve tab and storage but found nothing.Waited for a day to renew the attendance reward but still no result.The item is missing. Additionally, for some reason, I did not receive any new/return savior event item from the event board at all,not sure if this issue is linked to the max level reward. I am not sure what screenshot should I take to help the bug fix,please do let me know. I have already spent a decent amount of money buying varies of packages, do not want start over a new account. Thankyou.

Steps to reproduce the issue :
No, they reward should only be delivered for each team once, but when my character level reached max, 450lvl , it did not happen.

Screenshots / Video :
willing to upload anything thing as long as further instruction is given.

Hi @jeffk741953ong,

Kindly send us a support ticket in order for us to assist regarding this matter.

Thank you.

Hi there GM,I already did and unfortunately the issue is still not solved.My account did not receive the missing items despite the maintenance was suppose to Bug fix for [Growth Support Server] The issue that rewards for Lv.450 are missing is fixed. I have already sent another ticket but please do look into my account and fix the issue please. Thank you for your time.

Hi im having the same issues, i got no lvl 450 rewards whatsoever. The patch also didn’t fix the issue for me and i allredy sent another ticket but got a dismissed reponse (If there is an update regarding your concern, we will inform you via ticket reply).

Could you please look into it? Thanks in advance.

It has been over a week since this issue occurred, and someone claimed that if you level up to 450lvl inside a level dungeon you will be bugged. To this point,I just want them to mail back those missing rewards,it is very frustrating and disappointing to the issue fixing attitude and speed.

Plus I am afraid to level up my other character beyond 400.This is the real problem as I won’t be able to prove that my account is bugged.Because the exp cards in this game can not be discard, so if I have received any max level rewards,I would have a 400 lvl card. However, if aside from my 450 lvl character,if I have other 400+, they would have doubt if I have already consumed the 400exp card. This is so ridiculously frustrated to play this game,I have a few character hanging arround 2xx-3xx just because I am afraid to level up. This is a really bad experience.


The most update maintenance patch does not seems to be going to resolve the issue we had.Why do we have to be punished because of your bug?Already sent a few tickets asking, with waiting days over a week,I have paid my patient.

For what? So we have to wait another week? Not only there is no compensation policy,is fine, yet you still do not want to fix the missing items. This is a very disrespectful to treat your players like this and not to mention the customers who paid a decent amount of money to play your game since day one of the game launched.

16 days now and still no answer

I just got my rewards, thanks =)