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Bug? All my items in my inventory is gone

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1.23am 21/08/2019 (GMT +8)
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SEA server
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all my items from my inventory disappeared after the update)
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my friend also got the same problem as you.

It’s retarded.My silver is down to zero,no items in my inventory even though my bag weight is 80%,My cards from my grimoire also disappeared ;w;

I hope they fix it soon. ;<

Hey guys, don’t worry, you guys maybe have an item with a bugged status in your inventory. A similar problem happned to me in re:build update.

I must ask to you guys to send a ticket to support, they might resolve this as soon as possible

ah, while waiting for support response. you can try checking your item filter settings Owo

i mean, just to be sure owO;;

yeah i did check the filter setting but noting out of the ordinary >_<

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Aah okay I’ll try that.Thanks~ :>

is your problem solved?

nope not yet.I submitted a ticket,so I’m still waiting for a reply.

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