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Buff the poor vaidotas and let him be pro drug dealer

this is what happen when you dont spend any skill point for alchemistic missile or combustion and busy creating drugs
he should keep up his business even inside the prison like many other pro drugs dealer.
and we ll be like

vai:thanks god!!a savior, save me, free me from this prison!!
me:actually no, i just need to buy some pepsi bottles thank you
me:sorry i cant save you just yet, i havent talk to titas and bunch of townsfolk.busy! gtg save those goddess chick instead! thx for the bottle!

and the vubbes keep on r_p_ him
the end.
if someone will make a comic for this i ll upvote it for sure.

p.s. or wizard master should take over the pepsi bottle business really…
p.p.s i know eons ago you could complete for 1 character and distribute the bottle but i never talk about that per character completion thing from the beginning

wtf did i just read


also if you try to complete another quest after you save him he is gonna be out of business again until you get your first slate in crystal mine 3f
thats gonna be another layer of annoyance if you just need him to sell you bottle haha

but i agree that there should be a submaster when hes not around a.k.a imprisoned so you can still buy pamoka even without doing quests line
or yeah let him sell items in prison or make wizard master sell those stuff as well
and they can keep the dismantling legend and apply set still special for him

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