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Broadhead Bleed Damage - 2H vs. XBow/Off-Hand

I’m mainly trying to compare Maga Bow vs Karacha Crossbow or Catacomb Shooter/Manamana with regard to Broadhead’s bleed damage. Has anyone done any testing?

Elemental dmg add to every tick of the bleed. So…

Right, but is the 278 additional damage from the Manamana enough to offset the lower damage from the Xbow? The additional physical damage from the 2h bow will scale with the skill and attributes whereas the Manamana’s damage will always be a flat 278 damage, correct?

My primary skills are going to be Magic Arrow and Broadhead.

Magic arrow hits around 3 times per sec and brodhead bleed 2 times per sec. So its not only 278. It can be half of that if the enemy resist this element. or 2x if it is weak against it.

Broadhead is doing poison damage in its bleed so poison mobs will take very little damage from it (-50% I think?) and it does +50% damage on earth mobs cuz they are weak against poison. Never saw any Fletcher talking about it, but its there, you can test it.

Yes, thats right. The big thing in mana mana, imo, is its crt rate and move speed.

I suggest you to be cost-benefit efficiently and use the best weapon you can use with the lower ammount of silver.

Damage atributes + Sissel / glad / good hair acessorys may end being better than drop tons of silver just in the mana mana.

Up to you.


Is there a damage formula for Broadhead that I can refer to, assuming zero resists on the monster?

I’m pure DEX and only have a Khasti Bow for the time being. I’m considering either Maga Bow or Karacha Bow/Manamana. Cost aside, I just want to know which setup will yield higher bleed ticks assuming the monster has no resists.


Short version - Broadhead Bleed use your phy attack (weapon + your STR) and element. extra damage, but it never crt.

But it does matter, as I said about poison mobs / earth mobs.

So less damage with bleed.

Superior kracked shooter + mana mana + tons of phy attack (so tons of STR) + any element damage you can stack.

Karacha isn’t ideal if your aim is bleed ticks since a good portion of its damage output comes from Critical Attack which does not affect DoTs. Absolute highest will always be Superior Kracked Shooter + Manamana unless the target is flying and large, then Maga Bow will be better.

Additionally, a Superior Wreech Bow for flying general targets is also something to consider picking up.

My spreadsheets in the weapons thread has the pertinent information should you wish to peruse it.

grajus crossbow is good too.

gives u 24 str for ur dmg increased by broadhead formula