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Bring back particle effects

Remember when all the plants waved in the wind and the flames flickered and moved?

Four years ago this was removed for the sake of performance optimization, but it really makes the world seem to cold and dead. I see this is needed so people without high-end computer can play the game, but why not make an option to enable it? I would really love to have this back.

Also many people have better computers now than they had four years ago too.


Fiddle more with your graphic option. It’s still there.

Really? I didn’t find that option when I checked…

I checked those options quite a lot, there’s nothing of that sort in the options…

If you really got it to work, can you please state which option it is and where to find it?

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you mean “Soft Particles”?

I also want to make grass and tree leaves move…

For reference for those people who didn’t play in the closed beta and at the start of the open beta, this is what it once looked like:

Every single plant was moving, the larger the plant, the stronger it moved.