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Bring back old Goddess' Cube items


While most of the old costumes and accessories can be bought in the medal exchange shop, wings, effect costumes, back costume and some accessories are lost in the winds of time. Me and surely more people would love to have those items in the next goddess’ cubes. Could you make it happen, please?


I agree with you, but I’m also kinda hesitant… I really want to be able to buy old stuff I don’t have, but I also like the idea of there being stuff that only I have. It makes it feel like it was worth the money spent cos I have bragging rights / showing off rights :yum:

Like, it’s got to be awesome to be that one person with a witch hat atm lol

Maybe seasonal returns, then? Like old Halloween stuff (witch’s hat, the cool clothes, that sort of stuff) could become available in the coin shop at Halloween, etc. That way it’s not impossible to get old stuff again but it’s still really rare because you’ve got to wait a year for the next chance, or find a way to buy it in the meantime.

Or maybe more frequent appearances, where you have random out-of-season events where certain “themes” become available again as part of an event, and you never know what the next theme will be? I’ve seen that done in games like Crusader’s Quest (mobile game) where they randomly pick and you get an improved chance to get the heroes you like. Not exactly the same, but similar.

Anyway I’m just throwing out ideas here :smile:

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