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Brazilian Translators/Contributors must know

I wonder if it will actually use the translation made by the Brazilian community in the steam. It has so much things to do and if it is not necessary at least, we should know.


Probably no, since they partnered with a publisher, it is the publisher responsibility, as long as it is in the contract, to do that, and i think i read somewhere here on the forum that the BR translation is far behind compared to the english translation, not to say that how well it was done the job, the least a company want to see is stuff like this:

English: We need to save the goddess!
Portuguese: Nós precisamos salvar a Deusa!

And end up like this:

“Nois pressizamo salva a Deusa.”

I pick lots of those on forums, Steam and Google Play reviews, not to count FB comments.


Muito bom saber que será traduzido para pt-BR
Very good to know that will be translated into pt-BR


O jogo ainda está sendo traduzido para ser aplicado na Steam ou está parado definitivamente?

en: The game is still being translated to be applied on Steam or is finally stopped?

I’ve got a lot o those on Perfect World. I’ve played it for years and a bunch of texts were stillon mother language. That’s LUG (Level Up Games).

A Level Up Games é agora quem fará venda de cash no Brasil. Provavelmente também muitas outras responsabilidades, como a tradução do game. Mas é só um palpite, li pouco a respeito.

Level Up Games is the official publisher at Brazil, at least on selling cash. They’ll have other responsabilities like translating the game. But it’s just a guess, I haven’t read enough about that.

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