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Brazilian Cosplay - Part III!

Hello Guys! We are here again to show you our work as brazilian Tree of savior Cosplayers! This time Demon Lord Rexipher meet Castiel, a Krivis and make he tells him about the Secrets of Zachariel! So, we are finalists in a contest to compete here to represent Brazil at World Cosplay Summit! If you can, Please like us at the facebook event: the prize is the possibility to go at the competition and we planned to perform as Tree of Savior! Thank you!!

Aos Brasileiros do fórum, estamos competindo para entrar no WCS com nossa apresentação de Tree of Savior! Se puderem dar uma força para nós basta curtir nossa foto no facebook, a dupla com mais curtidas ganha a vaga para competir, não há premiação, apenas queremos competir e levar o tree of savior para o Anime Friends! Muito Obrigado!!


Looks like a hobo stole the Inquisitor Five Hammer and it’s about to beat the crap out of him lol.

Not being mean or anything, it’s just what looks like LOL.

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This is a Suncus Maul :smiley:


If u want to see the video (Its in portuguese, sorry)