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Brazil - NA Server

Hi, I have all my characters on the server in North America but I will live in Brazil next month. I don’t want to start again on the Brazil server. Can anyone living in brazil tell me about the latency of playing from brazil on servers in North America?.


Is there any way to pass my characters from the NA server to the SA server?

As a player from Brazil who played on both servers, I can tell you the latency is the same to both from here.

No. I tried before. And you can not. You may send a ticket to the support team, and they will properly answer you.

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Muito obrigado . Então, eu vou ficar no servidor América do Norte // Thank you. So, I will stay at the server in North America.

Pings 50-100 depends city, in case São Paulo a exemple friends my with 5-10 pings. However only playing in silute and making tests.

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