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Botter iKeku still alive below new name Riven

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Location : Central Parias Forest

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :

  • Evidence:
    I know u will wonder why i know him right? Ok, i will give u some proofs.

  1. Character name: iKhekz!
    in iKeku video on youtube: i got it.

  2. The doggo name: Doggie

    in iKuki video: 4
  3. Same position with my report before
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Hello @SomeoneLikeMe,

Thank you for reporting. We will investigate the player as soon as possible.

is there a possibility of he sold his account to someone, and the buyer botting using it? the ikeku that i know is decent, of course i have no proof of my accusation…

He was in the same guild as me for 2 weeks around July before he got kicked by my GM for botting. After that he went back to his old guild before leaving Reisha again. I am sure it is the same ikeku otherwise he wouldn’t have gone back to his old guild.

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haha! thanks for the insight!

friend of ikeku here, he didn’t get kicked of botting on Reisha (we’re on the same guild before), he had a miscommunication with the GM and he did sold his account after leaving Reisha and he’s not playing TOS anymore.

Account trading is still a Ban offence, no ?

On paper it is, But will the GM’s do anything about it? probably not. They’re pretty dead,

What’s up with the 1minute video “proof”
I don’t see any reason to reply to someone if I’m grinding and minding my own business.

yeah, right.

whats your ign btw

Let me just put in chronology timeline

1.) He was in Reisha (He was showing his Fletcher in this channel)
2.) For some reason he left Reisha (Someone claimed he sold his account)
3.) He joined the guild i am currently in
4.) He was kicked by my GM due to botting
5.) He rejoined Reisha and post another video with his blade blossom

I couldn’t find his youtube channel now but i am sure he is the same person since he rejoined Reisha