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Bots everywhere, each channel,from baryn to outers

  • Server : Klaipedia

  • Team Name : blackwargreymon

  • Location :

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 24 hours!!

  • Evidence please just login with your gm account and check each maps i mention honestly

there are bots each channel from barynwells, outer walls, to mavens
i bet there are even more maps with bots
this botters even numbering his repair shop in each channel from 1 to what i found 17!! and who knows how much he actually have.
botters using schwarzereiter now since it can hit faster and require less animation to attack compare to sorc
and each teleport they will hit for 1 sec and jump to another teleport point

please do something about this bot issue!!
your previous attempt of steam guard is nice and pretty much appreciated, but thats still half-done job.

here are my TIPS how to counterfeit bots
1.check how mechanic of camp warp/pet warp, i feel the bot abuse this feature to teleport like nuts, fix it so it cant get breached
2.while checking on that, implement CD to camp warp by huge amount of time like 30 minutes can also implement CD to quest warp by short amount of time like 1-2 minutes

i know not only bot but legit players will also get disadvantage from this cooldown but thats how law enforcement works.much like how you enforce steam guard now that still can get breached.

please show us once that you guys firm, assertive, decisive, clear, resolute that you guys against bot.
otherwise we will start to think that you supporting bots
why dont you just implement autos then so that makes me easier to leave the game eventhough its actually quite easy already for me with this crazy amount of bots situation

with this situation theres nothing good to tell for me if my friends asked about this game or if im willing to spread this game cause all i can remember the most of tos now is the bad side of how there are so many bots

Greetings dear savior,

Please provide us a short video evidence of the bot activity of these players, so we can take immediate actions on them, thank you.

im not gonna do what i think supposed to be your work cause i foundout its easier for you to just log in the game see for yourself and smash them with banhammer
do you even know how much bots there are right now?
and you expect me to make videos of each of this bots, and upload tons of videos?
no, thank you
call me lazy but then look at you too
i dont wanna waste time reporting cause so far no immediate action been taken
you are superior compare to me players and as GM you should be able to do anything in game including banning this guys just easy
or implementing anti bots mechanic
if this bot situation doesnt even bother you then suit yourself
i rather leave rather then doing your job
whats the point of in game report button then?
even with report button, do you expect players to roaming reporting this bots?

i dont mean to be meanie or badmouthing you, at this point i dont even care if i get banned from forum but i truly disappointed


Dont talk anymore, how many evidence had given to you from reporters. But what change? nothing. If u dont do anything, then dont talk. KEEP SILENCE PLS.


So, instead of buying the 1,500 Leticia cube I do every month, I should spend like 1/10th of that on a Botting program, and make at least 4 times the profit.

Good to know. Seriously debating not giving IMC another penny.

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True. IMC or whoever should be taking accountability for the bot problem in iTos thinks this is a joke. Keep asking evidence? Log in to the ■■■■■■■ game it takes a few seconds to see them

Wtf is wrong with this game’s mods and GMs

I am recently spending my money on other games. But goodluck with that, IMC will not care because today is another payday for them. Coz leticia cubes.

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