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Bots are everywhere and are now using hacks

I just went to tenet church 1f and I can see bots TELEPORTING around instant killing monsters. This is actually absurd. No I am not mistaken, I know that sometimes their model does not move when they are attacking things, this was not that. A barbarian was killing monsters while teleporting from monster to monster. I watched it kill mobs on 2 different sides of the screen then zoom away.


If you do not believe me, come to channel six of Tenet Church 1F on klapeida server.

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This is what happens when you make your game heavily client-sided because it would cost too much to have it being handled by server.


Saw it happening in Tenets Farm last night, too. And that’s a slightly higher level map. C1 swordsman just hacking away at Pino’s,level 78.She would always teleport as well a few seconds after she realized I was around.

I’ve seen a lot of threads about bots today, so it must be getting especially bad. We should have started the launch off with a way to report others, at the very least.

They’re aware of this. There have been teleportation, speed and AOE hacks for a while now (since the beta, I think, not sure. Saw some videos up on YT). The game needs an anti-cheating root toolkit… something like Gameguard. People will whine about it but it’s better than the servers being flooded with hackers. It’s just a matter of time before more people catch wind of the hacks out there and start using them.


They can be easily bypassed.


They should fix it. Some players paid for early access and they can’t play properly. :frowning:

I’m actually amazed by how unresponsive the GMs are.

I know that wiping all bots is a long process and doing manual work by banning them 1 by 1 can be tedious, but at least sweep the map infested bot at least once a day if you actually care about the game FFS.


tos has vac support why don’t they vac ban them?

They are too busy fighting against goldsellers :wink:


This is getting out of control.

And the trade restriction clearly did absolutely nothing.
Just harming the legit players.

Please do something :disappointed:

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Yeah, I know. Better than nothing though.

@xylonez and everyone else complaining in this thread, I’ve been behind the scenes before and even if you don’t see it they are not sitting on their hands.

Secondly you’ve seen the number of posts on this forum… they can’t be everywhere at once, reading every post that you guys drop, and STILL get their work done. They’re not a huge AAA company with the kind of massive team you’d see in games like WoW or GW2. Add to that the fact that they’re mostly not native English speakers and are unlikely to get through the text very fast.

& dropping a thread in the Suggestions/Bugs subforums is enough, not spamming the General Discussion section with complaints. If they’re looking for things to fix, why would they browse General Discussion? It’s pointless to whine here about being ignored when you’re not even doing things the right way.


This is what happens when you make your game heavily client-sided
because it would cost too much to have it being handled by server.

Funny how people on this forum complain so much about IMC.

First you guys complain about token prices and claim IMC is being too greedy.

Next you complain that IMC is too cheap to pay for more servers/bandwidth.

Do you folks realize IMC is a company with real employees and infrastructure costs to pay? This isn’t a charity. They need to generate a sustainable profit in order to stick around. What fantasy world are you people living in where the game should be 100% free, with no bots and hackers, while having perfect uptime?


IMO, if they’re not doing it manually right now, then they’re just getting their priorities backwards. Running through all these maps, sweeping them out doesn’t even take like 1 hour at most. It will be even faster if they do it with 3-4 people.

Don’t be stupid now. You don’t need to be a native english speaker to be able to do that. Tell you what, I’m not an english native as well, so yeah.

The thing is, THEY DON’T HAVE TO. If you’re actually a competent GM, you don’t need players to tell you (to ban bots manually) for you to do it. You just do it because you know that’s what’s best for the game.

tl;dr IDK what they’re doing right now, but whatever it is, it’s nowhere near good enough.


I saw one too, just few moments ago on Septyni Glen. A barbarian, teleporting and attacking everything, including my fireballs.

Time for some Prinny math!!!

ToS currently has 4 servers.
Each server has ~150 maps (if someone wants to provide a more accurate count that would be great!)
Each map has probably on average ~4 channels

Let’s say it takes a GM about 3-5 minutes to check an entire map channel and identify any bots/ban/block/note them.

If we’re willing to cut some corners and focus on heavy bot spots that can reduce the total number of maps we check maybe by 1/2 to 2/3.

So then:

4 servers * 50 maps * 4 channels * 3-5 minutes per map channel = 2400-4000 minutes = ~40+ to ~65+ hours.

I think we have 3 GMs right now? So that’s 11+ to 20+ hours of work to sweep through 1/3 of the maps…

Mind you, these are back of the hand calculations and I’ve made up what I feel are reasonable guesses, but if anyone has more detailed information that would be much appreciated!

So what I’ve shown is that it’s probably unrealistic to sweep through all the maps to check for bots. Players probably underreport bots either because they don’t observe long enough, or are not motivated enough to post to forums and ask for a GM.

EDIT: Note also the 40+ to 65+ hour number I’m napkin calculating is just for ONE sweep through 50 maps…

EDIT2: You would need to hire about 40+ to 65+ GMs in order to get a roughly once per hour sweep on 50 maps (and their channels)


[quote=“hallowedthings, post:11, topic:182758, full:true”]
& dropping a thread in the Suggestions/Bugs subforums is enough, not spamming the General Discussion section with complaints. If they’re looking for things to fix, why would they browse General Discussion? It’s pointless to whine here about being ignored when you’re not even doing things the right way.
[/quote]When will people get this into their head?

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Oh, please. There’s probably less than 20 maps if they just focused on the heavy infested maps. Most bots are farming in low level dungeons, so if you just go there, you’ll catch a lot of bots.

Assuming the GMs can use GMs commands to move around quickly, it’ll probably take around 2-3 minutes per map per channel. You can even rotate maps in a 2-3 days cycle to cut time even more.

You don’t need to ban them all. You just need to ban most of them. For every bots with Arde dagger that’s banned, that’s potentially 900k+ investment lost for the gold seller.

Bots are fuckin obvious in this game. It doesn’t take more than 5s to realize that that guy is botting.


This is a decent calculation, but I think it fails to recognize a couple of very important factors:

  1. Some maps are more bot-heavy than others due to the efficiency of farming there.
    It’s pretty easy to get a sense of which maps are the bottiest maps if you scan the forums. With a few hours of work you could probably get a sense of the top 10-20 maps that are the biggest issues and focus on those.

  2. If they had a GM on-duty in real-time who was accessible to any player through an in-game contact method, he could handle bot reports in real-time and just take care of the issues as they come up.

  3. I couldn’t think of a 3 right now but lists look better when there are at least 3 points…


Well it’s an always ongoing battle and there’s a meta involved, sure there are bot heavy zones, but if GMs only concentrate on those zones, then bots will just move to other ones to avoid being caught. Which is why I thought the ~50 map number was reasonable (if the goal is to keep the bot population in check). Suffice to say, I think it’s quite a bit of manpower and certainly requires more than “1 hour at most” as I think someone was saying…


This ridiculously low estimate shows that you just came up with a figure off the top of your head. Drop the patronising tone and stop trying to sound informed when it’s blatant you have absolutely no knowledge of the process whatseover.

Why do you think the botters change change day to day? Think they’re switching it up for fun? If you put two and two together you might notice something.

You’re kidding me. 5 seconds?

Okay. So one of these “competent” xylonez-approved GMs hops onto a map. They watch a random character for 5 seconds. Decide that their playing weird. Banhammer, case closed!

Forget inspecting them properly or tracking them for a while to make sure they’re not a player who’s eating breakfast or reading a guide on their phone and playing with their free hand. Or talking to someone else IRL. Or goofing around.

Seriously, stop spouting nonsense.

No wonder you can’t stand the GMs. You don’t actually have any idea how long it takes to handle things properly, or what handling things properly even involves.

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