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Botanic items lvl limitation

:hi: :hi: :haha:

I want to propose to remove the year from botanic items and make them able to give their bonuses as long as the user is less level than the max. level (like Snow Bunny/Moonlight Sparrow companions exp buff)

This will make able to continue put this items on different packs in the future.

Moreover, i propose to rework the Byle legend card to make it stop give EXP increase when the user is on max. level instead of when your team lvl is less than 50.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

dude i know you are being sophisticated toward game improvement, change etcs
given how you storm your ideas in forum this past weeks
but listen, the chance imc will give a fk about itos community suggestion is abysmal

take this suggestion thread for example

even worse all they care now is how to milk more money by developing less and reuse a lot


:hi: :hi: :haha: @Repel

I dont expect it, i only decided to trust. Its ok for me if they decide to dont listen to me, i want to give my opinions/suggestions, that’s all. They can take it or not, it doesnt depend on me.

I dont make this posts because i really want/need it, i just try to give ideas to improve the game as i’m suppoused to do here.

We dont know about a lot of stuff that influence on the game so we cant expect that they will make our wishes real. And yes, it could be that they are not doing a good work listening the community (probably, i dont know it), but as i said, i decide to trust on them. If they decide to dont use my ideas it should be because a good reason. I’m grateful if a GM decide to send some of my suggestions to the development team as they say, and thats all.

Thats my opinion about what u said, i will continue doing suggestions.

Your comment didnt help the suggestion.

Anyway, ty for your probably good intention.


im not here to help your suggestion
im here to open your eyes and give you a sip of bitter truth about the developer
suit yourself
only time will tell lmao

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its good to open up rooms for discussion but to ever hope it to be implemented? nah

a simple analogy is we are just people who are in backseat, having no power where the car will lead us
because the driver is somewhat deaf, and he doesnt really care about us.
he just go to the shortest course that can give him ez money

if you wish to get your suggestion heard start learn korean, be a big big whale in ktos and you will be somewhat important in ktos that your voice heard
or spam ktos account and spam your opinion in its forum
though even with this effort the chance will still be pretty darn low to get your suggestion implemented.

most veteran who had this sophistication know this truth very well, even those who didnt just spam suggestion but also work toward game improvement like creating wikis, game database, fan art, guides etc

and why so many of those wikis, game database, fan art etcs dead? yes. because the driver doesnt care where the passengers want to go. nor they care bout the passenger.

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