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Bot user in [europe]Fedimian

  • Server : Fedimian

  • Team Name : Charming/Charmilio

  • Location : White Witch`s Forest

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 10.11.2020, 5:30am to 6:00am EDT

  • Evidence : Characters of Charming and Charmilio were running and turning in the same direction at the same time, down to fraction of a second. It looked like someone was controling both of them with the same keyboard/controller. Also, they were using chat window at the same exact time, saying the same words


Hello @Lemon.Russ,

Thank you for reporting, it would help us a lot if you could provide a video of the reported player to help us further in our investigation.

Unfortunately don`t have one, was busy with white witch and pressed wrong button by mistake.

Looks like a multiboxer, which as far as i know, is allowed